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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

10.000 trees

Finally a chance to sit and reflect. The opportunities are very few, as working full-time is so demanding and getting online is so rare. Again, I'm sitting in the office, on the farm. The same farm as last 2 weeks ago, and the same as 3 weeks before that.. All up, it's been 5 weeks here in Shepparton, not that I'm counting or anything.

I was just saying today to Jason, that it feels like so much longer. Why? I don't know.. I'm not too sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing. They say time flies when you're having fun. So does that mean I'm not having fun and that this chapter s dragging on too much? I don't think so. Because don't they also say that when you feel so quickly at home somewhere, then its like your life situation has never been any different than the one you find yourself in. So I'm not too sure what to make of it all.

The work is going good. We're working 6 days each week now. 7 days was proving to be too much. It was draining us both and we lost all our enthusiasm on the 13th day of working flat out. So we quickly lost interest in pushing ourselves unnecessarily. Jason is too easy-going when it comes to work anyhow. He might be my boss, but he's not a slave driver.. I'm probably the one who could be classed as that.. oops-a-daisy! I've done away with that attitude and have relaxed into going with whatever working hours we miss on or have to catch up on. It's not that important.

How are the trees? They're great. Not a bother. We've probably attended to around 10.000 in the past month. And each day the amount rises. We have different paddock (fields) with rows and rows of trees, each week. So it's like we're in a different "office" at the start of each week. How exciting! We get stuck in, we do our work, we talk sh*t to each other, we bicker like kids, we laugh, and then it's time to "go home" (a 2 minute drive across the farm).

It's sounds monotonous, and it can be. But each day brings something different.. Because as the trees are being attended to, and conversation runs low, thoughts go within and that's where it all happens: Sometimes it's happy things and thoughts, sometimes it's a confusion and other times it's eagerness to take the next step on this journey. What step? I have a few ideas, but nothing is certain as of yet. Where to? Again, I have a few ideas, but no certainty. The eagerness and the itchy feet come and go. Sometimes it's nearly unbearable and other times it's easier to forget that feet can itch to the point of going crazy. This is due to the fact that we're so isolated and it's so easy to forget about the world and about what's going on out there. It's almost too easy. But as tempting as it is, I force myself to feel my itchy feet and let them lead the way.

Will they be leading me away from this farm or away from Jason? The work here will be ending within a week, then maybe I'll be going to Adelaide with Jason for a week or so. After that there's more work. But I'm not too sure just yet what I want or where I'd like to be next. This lifestyle can be amazing: living in a van, roughing it all the time, being in the bush, surrounded by lots of these giant insects. It really can be so good. And I appreciate it the most when I'm at ease and not feeling my feet itch. This lifestyle can also be hard going: All of what I just mentioned to be amazing, can easily turn into the biggest struggles, at the drop of a hat. But I've found ways to keep me from feeling any kind of strain.. I still do yoga out in the field. That's what keeps me sane, gives me my space and helps me relax. So for now, we've still got a couple of 1000 trees to see to, and from there I'll make a decision as to what I want to be doing. More than likely I'll be going with the flow. But what flow will that be.. My flow and my feet.. or my flow and some work? That I still have to figure out.

The weather is picking up, ever so slowly, cold nights, but spring-like days.. So hopping out of the van in the morning is getting more and more pleasant and I still enjoy sitting in the grass brushing my teeth, after I've squatted against the "toilet-tree" for a morning visit to the bathroom.. So for the next week or so, All will be well, as it always is..

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