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Monday, March 4, 2013

'How I met my Guardian Angel' - Be amazed

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Robbie Andrews, author of 'How I met my guardian angel', released his book in February - after 10 whole years of dreaming, living, talking, sharing and moving towards making his story known and his vision a reality.

I met Robbie in the summer and I instantly felt I’d known him a lot longer than only the few short minutes we spoke, when we had our first conversation. There was a feeling of recognition, home and familiarity. Soon I realized what it was; we were both working on getting our story to the public. Back then, my book was close to being launched and Robbie was completing his manuscript and submitting it to Urlar Publications - the same publisher I work with. 8 months later, we're two (very happy) published authors.

Ever since first meeting him, I know he's been working his ass off to get the story to print. And the launch was long anticipated. But wow, how it was MORE than worthy of the wait!

On the 21st of February the book was officially ‘christened’ and presented the world, in his hometown of Drogheda, north of Dublin. I was delighted I had the opportunity to be there. It was such a special occasion and being just one small person amongst the 400 people who passed through the venue, I truly felt privileged.

As I observed the whole set-up I felt the warmth around me as well I felt this strange sense of pride for what he's accomplished over the past 10 years. There was a sense of excitement and energy but great ease at the same time. I also had this deep urgency telling me how precious time is, how unique these relationships are and how important it is for us to do what we can in this world in order to make a difference.

Needless to say, the launch was a huge success. I was amazed at how composed, centred and strong he was... with 400 people wanting to get a few precious moments with him! They were all there for only one cause; to support Robbie and to wish for success, abundance and love to flow through his life.

He was, and still is, an example of somebody who truly is shining their light out into places that desperately need it. And... wow... I stood, looking at him while he was giving his speech (I say LOOKING, because I couldn’t hear… there wasn't a microphone and the room was too crowded for his voice to reach the back row… which is where I placed myself) and wasn’t irritated that I couldn’t hear; simply being there was enough. I was a part of something so inspiring. To me, it was a sign of being on the right path, exactly where I was meant to be, connecting with those who will journey with me... in whatever way that may be.

I read his within 2 days. This, coming from a slow reader, says a lot. By the end of his story I sat with his book in my hands, I looked at the picture on the back and realized that, I - just as every other reader of this book - am a witness of the dream he spoke of in his book. It has manifested. And everybody who reads his book will understand what I mean. That moment of realizing the power, was MORE than inspiring... MORE than enlightening... and MORE proof to me that only through believing in our deeper purpose can we create our own magic.

Robbie now continues, as he's been doing for years, to talk about his story, to communicate with his angels and to help those in need. And the thing I find fascinating about his whole journey and the way in which he chooses to do his work in this world, is that it never tires him. He will talk and talk and talk so easily about what he's been through, for the sake of everyone else's growth and inspiration. And the fact that he can talk so endlessly means sharing and giving to others, is satisfying his soul, and he's giving back to himself in the process - creating the perfect balance.

This is quite a unique way to be in this world, I reckon. And he's a person we can all learn many things from.

This morning I watched his video of the launch and wow... what a gift. I've added the link here below. It's 3 minutes of goose bumps! I hope you enjoy.   

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