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Thursday, March 28, 2013


March 28th... and the 4th decade of my life begins!!! I've just turned 30!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC! 

Up until a few years ago, I feared seeing it coming. But recently I grew more excited by the potential of viewing life from such a stage. And now that my twenties are behind me, I can safely say I feel younger and in more awe of life than I’ve ever felt before… even more so than when I was in my early twenties. Being ALIVE and a part of this world, is just the most amazing thing ever. 

This is the perfect moment to reflect on where I’m at - without focussing on the fact that I don’t have a job, a house, a vehicle, a relationship, a 'set-plan' for the future… It's a waste of my energy and words to take any of these ‘lacks’ into the picture of my life I’m painting just as I'm turning 30! These aren’t 'things' that make me who I am today, I don't need them to define me, nor to determine my status in this world. And actually all of these ‘lacks’ make me the richest person in the world. Don’t ask me how this is possible… but it is. I can’t even bring myself to write that ‘I have so little’. Because I don’t. In fact, I have the world, without having anything material or solid to show for it… The 'only' thing I have to show for my first 30 amazing years of life, is myself. This person, in this body, sitting here. That’s it - nothing more, nothing less.

It would sound strange, I know… but I honestly feel so wealthy, rich, protected, loved and safe beyond belief – as we all are (yet so many don't choose to believe it). In that truth, I find that without having ‘anything’, I actually have everything. My everything is made up of family who love and support me unconditionally, friends in all corners of the world who inspire, ignite, support and believe in me every step of the way, souls I’ve deeply connected with, continue to embrace and have yet still to touch base with. My world is filled with passion to heal myself and others, to give what I’ve experienced, to create in the name of love and to keep the journey unfolding in a flow of ease and gratitude.   

I can say from a place of certainty, that life will only become more magical, mysterious and liberating as I go. It actually already IS all of those things… I become aware of this fact, when I simply stop and be the witness of what’s within me and what’s surrounding me. As I turn 30, I can and will leave outmoded ideals and values behind. I choose the lighter side of life. I learn the power that lies within an aware approach to each and every day and I use that awareness to better myself, for the sake of everything and everyone. Without remaining inferior or becoming superior, I can simply BE… ME and let myself live without fear, without limitations, without rejection. Lingering in the past is what the mind can be inclined to do. It wants to, it wishes to, it feels safe in that place. But I’m stronger now to know what the mind can create subconsciously, without our conscious participation. Taking control of life and using love as the fuel to live, is what’s needed. In that state, it’s clear that nothing holds us back from actually living the life we wish to live.

If ‘simply’ flipping the coin and changing the perspective of life is what’s already brought me to this point, then what my wildest dreams can show me to be real, really can and will become my reality. As I witness the story unfolding and I welcome the magic to appear out of the occasional mayhem, I can’t help but be amazed. I’m 30 and can start quenching my thirst for LIFE… blessed and grateful beyond words… Love love love always….

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