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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Opening another!

This leads me to answer questions that others have been asking.. What's the next step? Well, as with any BABY, it needs to be introduced to the world, it needs to be loved and cared for, it needs the best of the best in terms of support and recognition. All so it develops into what it's meant to be, and so much more! As I'm writing this, it's being read by the most important person: my Mam. Once that's done, I'll know if I'm comfortable with how it is, in its current state and if things should be added or taken away and then I'll find out how to protect it (COPYWRITE!!!!).

It's all very odd, because it's still totally up to me who I approach and what route I take in order for it to grow. I'm searching for a publishers that will see it for what it is, maybe suggest some edits that need to be made - which also could confirm a few doubts that I have myself regarding some of the content. That sounds like a perfect world??!!! Well, guess what? It can be a perfect world, if I choose to see it in that light. Rejection is something I can only grow stronger from and it will challenge me to stand in my truth - in the truth that IS the book. Not everyone will like it, not everyone will approve and many will find it too painful, difficult, deep or dark. But, again, it's my story and it's what I've been carrying around with me, ever since I left Ireland in April 2009.

I realized that I was in India, dreaming of writing, I even knew the title and what it was that needed to be brought into the world. And that's exactly what I've done, it's what I've created and it's not to seek approval from anybody or anything. The book has become an expression of who I was and how I've become who I am today. It's what I aimed to create. I can do whatever I please with the opinions, suggestions and constructive criticism of the world - be that on a personal or a professional level. It's an inevitable element of the next stage.

So the coming month, this is what I must do... Simply be with my baby without fear of it being wrong or right. It's something I've dreamt of doing, and I made it happen. That alone gives me all the strength and reassurance I need when 'gelling' with the world that lies behind the book we simply see on the shelves in every bookshop!!!

The world, and whatever aspect of it we're opening ourselves up to, can be as challenging, easy, harsh or perfect as we ourselves make it out to be!!!
And for me, this next stage of the book, is filled with just as many lessons and revelations as the first stage... For now, I'm in Holland, until the 31st to spend Christmas with the family. I'm keeping these days as light as light can be and once Mam has been properly introduced to my baby, I'll know what to do: Trust, trust and trust some more - that everything is working as it should!!!

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