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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A magical morning - 1

The morning on which this random meeting took place, was last Sunday the 24th of October. I got up bright and early, full of the joys of Spring, even though it’s the middle of Autumn. But it didn’t look like Autumn when I was gazing out the bedroom window as I sat down to start writing. Spring was in the air and also in my step and I had to let it bounce! The weather was way too nice, so I set-off for a short walk before diving into the writing and I left everyone sleeping. The whole house was having a lie-in, taking advantage of Cian - our bundle of joy and energy in the body of a 1 year old young man - who was acting the role of sleeping beauty!

I walked along this path leading away from the town. It’s a country-road I’ve been down many times before. I like to call it my “playground”. It’s got the most amazing views on a clear day and I always feel to be somewhere else, other than Arklow. This time I followed a path that was leading off the country-road. Usually I’d never head down that particular road, because I figured it was private property. But it’s actually just for everyone to walk along! Yay!

I was so happy. It was cold but it was such a bright morning at the same time and I was high on life! I had literally taken a “leave of absence” from this life here, and I felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.. following the yellow brick road in search of something but I had no clue of what! The difference between my road and Dororthys’, was that this one wasn’t yellow; just plane tarmac! It was winding, twisting and I hadn’t a clue where it would lead me. I didn’t care and I was hopping, skipping, running and jumping in the magic of the moment. I even ventured through fields, climbed over fences, dodged nettles and bushes and ran with my skirt, cardigan, scarf and boots.. Then I felt the “wolly” in me was happy to get back home and start work! A wolly is what others would’ve called me, if they’d witnessed my “shenanigans.. especially as the majority of people my age would be lying in bed with a hangover knocking on their bedroom door at that same moment in time!

So I stopped. I stood for a minute, totally out of breath. I hadn’t ran like that in ages! Man, I’m unfit! I gazed back over the fields and the path I’d just ran along. For a moment I wanted to venture onwards and find out where the path would lead. But I kept standing still, gazing. I looked back over my shoulder and suddenly a woman appeared. She just came walking towards me, from that destination unknown! It was the freakiest thing. I didn’t see her coming out of the shadows. She had a scarf on her head and was walking so calmly. I wondered if we’d get to talking. And, of course we did! She casually started a conversation and turned out to be the nicest woman ever! Within a few minutes we’d already made some kind of a connection. I don’t know why I told her the things I did, within only moments of meeting her. And she did the same. It was so interesting. I was yearning to get back home though! The laptop was waiting! The book needed to be written!

But, where had this woman come from? Originally she came from Zimbabwe, but what was she doing here?? The path I wasn’t planning on venturing down, led to a B&B where she was staying for the weekend with a Christian group. Our talk was so interesting and the way we met was even more striking, so it seemed a shame for me to break away. She asked if I wanted to attend a service they had planned at 11am (at this stage it was 9.30). I hesitated for a short moment because my laptop was calling me and I wasn’t too sure how the service and the group would “fit” with me or how I would “fit” with them. For religious reasons that is. I’ve been raised Catholic. But that’s it. I don’t practise the religion and I have my own beliefs. Hestiations. Humm.. What to do? But I figured, this lady is accepting of me. She wants to get to know me and I want to get to know her too. This meeting is too random to let religious beliefs stop me from seeing what’s in store! I was curious to find out more about this special lady from Zimbabwe!

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