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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Goal setting

The flow of a book. I’ve questioned how long it would take to complete it. I’ve wondered if I’ve been devoting enough hours to it each day. I’ve set myself target dates. And even wondered if this would benefit the process or not. Setting a goal, will it force the process of creating a book and therefore stop it from flowing? Or will it keep the process unfolding at a nice pace to prevent it from suddenly stopping?

Goal-setting has different effects on everybody. Different things work differently for different people. So how does it urge me along? It’s important to not get fixated on the date by which I want the manuscript complete, just like it's important for me to not fixate on the timeline I have in my head. It’s a work of quality and not quantity. Quality isn’t measured by the amount of hours, days, weeks or months that’s been put into “getting something done”. It’s about the enjoyment experienced throughout and the knowledge that it’s reaching it’s fullest potential, no matter how short or long something takes to bring it into the world. And then the question arises: who determines what’s short and what’s long? Only the person who has set the goal; which is also the only one applying some pressure.

Pressure applied to get it done. Why? Because the surrounding world is always in need of someone to experience it, wholeheartedly so she jump around it, bounce on it and set alight a fire on earth by using the already lighting fire that’s burning within her heart. And then, to once again, get to a place where the "world of the book" can be created, by what’s been learnt and experienced in the surrounding world. This is the sole reason for that healthy application of pressure, just on certain points, to keep the energy flowing. It’s almost like acupuncture! A steady flow of energy created by applying needles on certain pressure points to then bring balance into the body leading to better general health. It’s just vital that the right points are found and the sufficient pressure is applied. Then the results will benefit not only that one body, but all those who are open to what the outcome has to offer.

In terms of writing, I’m applying the desired pressure, I’m re-creating balance where needs be, which is making me feel motivated and trusting that this process is working as it should and will take the directions it’s meant to take, leading me to places even I’m not yet aware of.

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  1. You have really made me think with this post. I just completed a set of goals to carry me through the next 7 months of training and running. I had wondered if these goals would motivate or hinder me ... so far I am motivated, but I guess only time will tell.