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Thursday, October 28, 2010

World 1 & World 2

Suddenly being the writer, feels to be living in 2 worlds. Or, when taking into account all of what I’m juggling, each day, I might be living in 3 or 4 worlds. This is probably what most people experience each day of their busy lives and therefore it may simply be ‘the way of the world today‘. But, to keep my focus, I’ll enlighten the main task I’m undertaking, which is the writing. It creates a world different than to the one I’m living. It’s world number 2. And I live in world number 1; which is where I met you guys “)

It took quite some weeks to actually feel like I’m where I need to be - in terms of WHERE I’m writing (my place of peace) and HOW I’m writing (the concept and form the book is taking). And when both of these feel to be so good, then WHAT exactly comes to life in world number 2, can ONLY be good! Then all that’s needed is to keep in mind what exactly the purpose is of each step, or chapter, as the book unfolds around the concept I‘ve created; this is the thread that needs to be followed. And whatever else comes to life is an added bonus which stimulates me even more to keep going and most importantly, the keep on flowing.

How brilliant is that! Logic and rational to most, but to me, a big breakthrough! It’s like the perfect formula I’ve found, all by myself, and now it’s a matter of trust in my ability to pursue this dream and trust in the process of creation. I‘ve also realized: when there’s no urgency inside of you caused by the lack of peace in your surroundings when trying to write, then there’s nothing distracting or steering you away from what you’re eagerly bringing from that deeper place within, to the world. To put it more simply: When world number 1 is clinging on to you and bringing you feelings of discomfort and uneasiness then how can world number 2 ever be fully brought to life in the desired manner and become something that at least one person on this planet can class as a beauty? The ‘not so great’ feelings within world number 1 are brought into world number 2, and the creation can be influenced negatively and become something you may not have wanted it to be.

Finding my peaceful place to write has brought an ease; it’s within world number 1. This ease is strengthened due to the 2 guaranteed senses I have: I am always apart of world 1 (but have the ability to take my ‘leave of absence’ and enter world 2) and I will be able to expand within world world 1, once the expansion of world 2 is complete. So both guarantees bring so much ease; meaning world 2 gets all the energy and devotion it requires and the magic unfolds in whatever way it’s meant to.

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