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Monday, October 18, 2010

2 dreams merging

After 10 weeks of being here in Ireland, the pause-button is still being pressed. It’s proving to be so many things; one word simply isn’t enough. It’s been revealing, enlightening, fulfilling, inspiring, relaxing and full-on. It’s also been occasionally uneasy, providing me with itchy feet and 10min minor panic attacks with tears of desperation - all with the belief that these feelings would speed up the process I’m going through and keep me on the road. Because I was fearing that to not focus on travels, I’d be letting my dreams slip and fade away into the distance.

So now, with the connections within the world, which are slowly becoming my world, I’ve been reassessing my situation. The question came to mind: how can a person follow one set task through, that takes so much time, motivation, dedication and love when there‘s something else brewing which is needing just as much time, motivation, dedication and love? This one set task is writing my book; which is a dream in the making. And the other dream in the making is travel. I so eagerly was and still am wanting both.

After going through a state of confusion, as you can imagine, I’ve realized that travel is my life. This is a given. I’ve realized that writing is my life. This is another given. I’ve also realized that if I’m so dead-set on both of these aspects to be all that my life is to revolve around, then there’s no need in crying tears of desperation to get myself moving as soon as possible. Because the travel will happen, sooner or later. When the time is right the ticket will present itself. The ticket to that amazing place in the world where my 2 dreams will merge into one. My dream of travel and my dream of writing will become one. And in order for that to happen, this period in Ireland is first a process I need to go through. It’s a process of writing and learning. And the lessons I’ll take with me on my travels and I’ll benefit from them forever.

The calling of the world which is telling me to “get a move on” but really is nowhere to be heard in my surroundings, will be answered once finishing this task. One dream is making the other dream happen. By answering the call, the 2 dreams will become 1. I’ll never need to neglect a part of what I feel is my purpose in life. When the call is being answered, there will no longer be a yearning for another dream to be lived. Because that other dream will be accomplished and it will be taking me higher; all through the amazing opportunities within the big wide world..

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