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Monday, October 18, 2010

Worldly connections

To have a connection with certain people who are scattered around the world, is so amazing. Having daily meetings through email with dear friends who have their origins in places near and far - from India to France, from Thailand to England, from Holland to Japan, from Belgium to Ecuador, from America to Germany - keeps the heart so open to still and always feel and be apart of that big wide world. It really doesn’t matter how near or far these places are, from you current position on this planet. We are all within the world, apart of the world, of the world. The world is yours, is mine, is ours, if we so wish to keep our hearts so open to it all and embrace it.

Taking all the opportunities to connect with the world and the people within it, means to be apart of the bigger picture, no matter how insignificant we may feel or how small a space we occupy on earth. We then have the potential to belong anywhere and everywhere. Even if a place doesn’t feel to be the place where you 100% belong. Through connecting and embracing the world and the people, the place you belong will sooner or later be stumbled upon.

Life is about connecting and networking with the family, the community, the country and the world, to the extent each person feels comfortable with. The individual chooses a network around which to revolve their lives and it's what creates their world. It’s up to them to make their world as big or as small as they wish; filling it with friends, acquaintances and likeminded individuals. Feeling comfort with those connections, gives that opportunity to always belong; regardless of the piece of earth upon which they presently stand. It no longer matters; not now that the airwaves provide such a thing that lets time and space feel to be non-existent just by the necessary click of a few buttons. The airwaves that are able to almost “magically” send and receive the messages, the words, the vibes and the connection for maintenance of the lives of every individual and, ultimately, the world. The messages still travel the same distance as they once needed to travel, before there was such a thing as email. Before such brilliance however, the speed at which the mail travelled differed immensely. How privileged we are to have this connection with the world so large, yet increasingly smaller - due to this speed!

A world of opportunity and unlimited potential awaits; behind just one computer screen. It’s all there for us. The friends, the networking, the lives. We have access to it all and life suddenly has possibilities of being far more than we ever believed it could have been.

At the moment, I may be sitting in Arklow, Ireland, behind the computer screen, typing away. I may be back in a place I initially didn’t want to return to, for fear of getting stuck and getting down on life and for fear of seeming like a failure to the rest of the world and to myself as I’m not on the road and travelling physically. I may be here a lot longer than I anticipated. But none of these factors seem to matter. Not when my vision of the world is ever expanding. The way in which this chapter is unfolding, is making me feel to be just as much a part of the big wide world, as I did when I was moving from place to place. I didn’t think this was possible. But it is, due to the connectedness with certain people and the position I’m giving myself within this world from my “base“ of Arklow. Such a simple thing is offering me this amazing world.

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