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Friday, October 12, 2012

CRC FM!!!!!!!!

On Thursday morning at 9.30am I got a call from CRC FM, the community radio station for Castlebar (check out the pinpoint on the map below – I’m in Galway by the way).

It was the presenter from the Johnny Oosten show himself who rang me, so Johnny Oosten! He’s a lovely guy who invited me on the show for an interview that very same morning. Well, who was I say no! Yes!!!!!!! Seeing as though it was last minute, I couldn’t get on a bus and head to the radio station in Castlebar. So it was going to be over the phone.

When he rang, it was 09.30 am and I was in NUIG (the university here in Galway – it’s a cool place to be doing some work, some writing, some people observation ;) and to be meeting with my little bro who has only just started studying there). I had until 11.05 to prepare and enter that 'space'. To do so, I had to find a quiet spot… I couldn’t afford to have any distractions…

This is actually the second interview I’ve done over the phone. And I find it quite a challenge, compared to actually being in the studio, sitting face to face with the person who is taking the interview. Either way, this was another great learning curve. When the time drew nearer for me to come on air, I really hoped that I’d do a better job than the last phone interview… Because the thing is… chatting on the phone, you’re inclined to forget that what you’re saying is actually going live to hundreds (possibly thousands) of people… Wouw. (Just writing about it now, I’m nervous! haha).

Yesterday though I wasn’t too nervous… The phone rang and first I was listening to a song of the pretenders… Once that was over, I knew it was my cue… So I was sitting on the first step of a staircase in the hall, just outside the college cafĂ©… Hummm… I had to envision the presenter to be in front of me (headphones on, speaking into a mic), so I wouldn’t forget that I wasn’t just having a casual conversation with one single friend. And it was working a treat! It felt great to be keeping the interview going the way I did. Students were passing me by, things were happening around me… but I continued to sit on the bottom step and speak about something so delicate, so deep, so personal and so important. Brilliant! Johnny Oosten is a lovely person to be interviewed by, so that helped alot. I knew I was doing a better job than I did, during the last phone interview (by the way, this is my 5th interview since the book has been launched… I’ve had 1 on East Coast FM, 2 on South East Radio, 1 on Dublin City FM and now 1 on CRC FM. 3 have been face-to-face and 2 over the phone). 

So far, I feel it gets more satisfying as I (hopefully) progress and reach more people.

The most daunting thing I find though, during these interviews is that you never know what question will come next… and there’s no time to hesitate, because it’s live on air… There’s little time and space for mishaps and those minutes are so precious… But I think I’m getting the knack of keeping my talk flowing, even when I’m not too sure how to answer a question, or if, on hindsight, I’d have wanted to answer it differently. 

Anyhow… this interview I really enjoyed, because of how Johnny approached the subject. He stressed the availability of the book, the importance of it and was eager to draw from me, things I’d learned and was/am willing to share. The highlight I found was when he asked or suggested I talk publically about my experiences. This happened during the Dublin City FM interview too… and both times I'd get such a buzz for 'public talks' to be suggested and highlighted. Every time that comes us, there’s me… hoping that somebody somewhere out there is listening and snaps me up! Haha… 

Oh well… who knows what can come of it. We just have to keep it flowing and things will keep unfolding.

I'm learning so much as we're publishing and slowly reaching the people. An important thing I’m realizing is that there’s no set destination to reach. It’s like the book has been brought into circulation now and it can ONLY reach further and further. Circulation can never go back on itself… Nor will we reach a point in time, when it comes to a halt… The book will just move through different stages of publicity. And right now, we’re at the stage where bookstores need to AGREE to put it on the shelves… even though it's available to order in all bookstores, it's not the same as the book actually SITTING on the shelves! Because if it’s not physically on the shelves, then it can’t fly off them! So, that’s our mission at the moment… And THEN people will get to know it’s out there… And only THEN can signings be organized… (Another lesson: there’s no point in organizing such events, if people don’t know who I am or what’s being shared) 

Step by step, things will unfold. Trust, trust, trust…

Okay, I’ve linked yesterday’s interview here. It’s up on Johnny Oosten’s facebook page. (For those wondering, the reason I’ve not linked all of my interviews to my blog, is because not all stations have podcast, or ‘listen back’.)

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