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Sunday, February 10, 2013


It’s true what they say: Once we let-go, we make space for what’s really meant to enter our lives. When we stop with the pushing and the forcing of things we simply MUST experience, we detach from those necessities and if it’s meant to be, it will come.

A week ago, I got the most amazing news from my publisher… the producer from one of Irelands major morning talk shows had responded to our interview request! They finally wanted to give me a slot on the show Ireland AM (familiar to most people living in Ireland). The interview will be LIVE on TV3 on the 13th of Feb (so, this Wednesday morning) at 08.15 (GMT). 

When I first heard this news, I was nervous as hell. But within minutes the nerves subsided and I was sooooooo grateful to have this opportunity! I felt as though Ireland had opened up, and was finally saying YES to Digesting Wisdom and to Niamh Keoghan. I know it sounds silly to base my feelings of acceptance and approval on one single show that wants to broadcast my story… but, when you’re promoting a book, you're dealing with the media and those different media channels ARE the bridge between the book and the readers. So maybe it’s not that odd to feel as if suddenly this country is more accepting and open to what I'm willing to share. 

A part from this I felt, and still feel.... LUCKY beyong words!!!!! I mean, how unique is this?! From Ireland’s perspective - and most Irish will understand - getting a slot on Ireland AM is NEARLY as big as it gets! Here on this little island in the west of Europe, I’m just one step away from the ‘Irish Oprah’ (which is the Late Late Show – Irelands most popular talk show that goes to air every Friday evening). But, I won’t jump too much ahead… Because, this first tv appearance is quite a blessing.

I know my book got their attention, due to it being national Eating Disorders Awareness Week here in Ireland, from the 11th till the 17th. So, it’s perfect timing for me to spread the message and bring the availability of this book to the awareness of EVERYONE. Only that way, can it start spreading like wildfire. Because, so far, it’s been slow going. My publisher has been working her ass off trying to get this country on board in helping us spread this book and the message it holds. 

For months, we’ve been feeling the flow was stuck, because certain media channels as well suppliers, weren’t so supportive or so responsive. For that reason, whenever people would ask me about the sales, I’d consciously say I don’t know. For one, it’s not everybody’s business… and another thing is that I chose consciously not to engage in the figures, to avoid pressure and a feeling of not doing enough 'work' in promoting it. Therefore I don’t know where exactly every copy has found its home. I’ve learned, since the launch in August, that this is a story that will live on forever and each individual copy will go where it’s meant to… when the time is right. It will take on a life of its own. 

In just in the last few weeks though, certain blockages have been released and the country and media is opening up. This interview is proof. And it’s quite amazing.

In many ways, this is what I’ve personally been waiting for, ever since I came back from India a year ago. With Lorraine (the publisher) we’d be speaking constantly of needing some ‘major’ media exposure that’s fast and effective – reaching thousands of people across the nation, in an instant… And it’s happening.

I’ve no idea what will unfold for the book, once this happens. But it can only be good stuff. It might answer more questions for myself too, in terms of what direction I want to head towards. Then again, in my heart I already know, so there won’t be any major shocking revelations or huge changes. Who knows though… because as it stands, every day my life seems to change just that little bit more. Step by step. And every intention that’s already been set, is also coming to unfold. Just like this interview. It’s yet another wish, another dream, that’s coming true. Things won’t stop unfolding after Wednesday.

This opportunity is proof enough to me that by setting an intention within our heart and letting it go, it will eventually come into our lives - if it's meant for us - when the time and circumstances are right. So I’ll continue to focus my intentions and welcome what’s meant to be.

Be sure to tune-in, if you’re in Ireland, this Wednesday morning at 08.15. TV3, Ireland AM.

If you’re not in Ireland, then it could be possible to watch live streaming, on their website, www.tv3.ie/ierland_am I’ll also do my best to get a recording and link it to facebook. Wish me luck!!!!


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