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Friday, November 20, 2009

Where to from here..??

It's Friday evening, and the heat is passing.. Today it's raining and it's such a welcome relief. Where am I?? Well, I'm still in Nyah West. We are destined to stay here I reckon, cause we've been trying to leave since Monday afternoon, but with one thing and another, we just haven't managed to pack up the van and head off. First it was work that was stopping us from leaving. Then it was the heat that was stopping us from leaving. Then it was our lazy-mode that was stopping us from leaving. But all going well, and without any interferences, we'll be leaving Nyah West tomorrow. It's definitely time now. We've stretched our stay as far as possible and the more we stretch it, the harder it will be to leave. So we're biting the bullet and we're off to Adelaide.

Between the hot spells of weather we've been having over the past week, I've managed to make a decision. My brain might have been fried by the scorching sun beating down on it through my straw hat, but I still managed to see some opportunities come my way and make some plans and finally take some action!!

When did I start cooking up these plans? Well it was last week. We were still working on the rose farm at this point, and I felt like I wanted to go somewhere and do something alone, by myself, in the big wide world. I've been having itchy feet for a while now, and it's so easy to stay with Jason and the work. But, at the moment, I'm in exploring-mode I think. But I hadn't a clue what to do or where to go. I thought for a while to go to some spots in Oz that I haven't been yet. Then I thought of working with Jason until the new year, to save some extra dollars. But the thoughts of doing either of these, didn't excited me. I felt like I needed a challenge, I needed to do something for myself and by myself, I needed to branch out, even it was to be for only a couple of weeks. I figured I'd worked pretty hard the past months, and financially I was set for a while. But travelling in Oz for a month can be so expensive, too expensive almost, considering there isn't really any other place I'm longing to see in Oz. For the same price I'd be able to travel to Asia somewhere.. Hummm.. This got me thinking.

I hadn't a clue where I wanted to go. So I just started browsing the net last week, searching for a sign of some sort, showing me which country could offer me some adventure - a sign in the form of a cheap flight was actually what I was after.. And I found it. It took me a few days before I actually made the decision to book it and being the indecisive person I am, I could have done with some coaxing from someone here, but I actually wanted to make the decision all by myself. And I did!! last Friday I booked a flight to Malaysia!!! It was "cheap as chips", and the dates worked out so well.. I had a whole "plan" in my head, as soon as I seen the dates and the prices of the flights. I just needed some certainty, regarding work in Adelaide with Jason for the next week.. If everything was to fall into place, I knew these were the flights I had to book. And within a day everything managed to miraculously fall into place.

So what's the plan? Well, we're leaving Nyah West tomorrow, going to Adelaide. We start work on Monday, on a rose farm. I'm staying until the 1st of December. And from Adelaide I fly to Melbourne and on the same day I fly to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. I'm staying until the 27th of December, flying back to Melbourne and will be going to a festival near Swan Hill with Jason that lasts until the 4th of Jan, to celebrate the new year. I couldn't quite believe how easily everything came together. It was amazing and I was, and still am, so excited. It will be amazing to travel in Asia again. I've been to Malaysia before, but had a bad experience and wanted to leave the place asap. And that's exactly what I did. I swore never to go back there again. But when this flight popped up on the screen, and the more I thought of visiting this country again, the more I thought it would be amazing to give it a "second chance". Because it is a beautiful country, with beautiful people and an amazing culture. And being in a different culture again will give me that boost again and the confidence I'll be needing once I decide where next to travel to. It's going to be so good for, doing this again. And it's going to be so different than the last time. Traveling in general gives me totally different things, than it did when I was traveling for the first time. So I know it's going to be amazing..

Everything has been taken care of, and I feel so at ease about going over there. There's not a fear or a doubt in my mind.. Just excitement in my heart..

It's the last night at the pub, and we'll be saying goodbye to everyone a little later on. We're sad to be leaving, but so happy to have been here in the first place. At the moment it's getting busier, so we're leaving before the season gets started properly, but it's been so cool. Who knows, we might be back, together. I know Jason will definitely be back at some stage. But what the circumstances will be, we don't know. But as always, time will tell!!

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