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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A little sweet taste of Adelaide

Monday afternoon, my last day at work, my last day in the van, my last day in a town called Gawler. I've been here only 9 days and it's already time to pack up and leave..

Since leaving Nyah West, last Saturday morning (the 21st of November) Jason and I have been both working and having a ball at the same time. We left on Saturday, headed towards Adelaide. It was an 8 hour drive and the feeling I got, just from doing a short roadtrip in the van again, was amazing. I felt so free and enjoyed every minute of the drive alone. The term "roadtrip" was really so appropriate. Because this term means that a journey is being made but it's not a means to an end and it's not with a mindset that is focused on the destination. Even though the destination does approach ever so slowly and even though there is a purpose and a reason for taking the roadtrip in the first place, it still felt like a holiday, just those 8 hours on the road. What a great drive!

We arrived in Adelaide on Saturday evening. I'd never been before, not to the city or to the area where Jason is from (which is Gawler). I passed through the airport several times, in the last 6 months and me and Jason did a wine tour in a valley an hour north of the city, but I'd never ventured into Adelaide itself. We ended up touring around the city on Saturday night, checking out all the "hotspots", such as Chinatown and having some yummy Malaysian food (just to get me "warmed-up" for my trip). It's a tiny city, compared to every other one in Oz, and had a similar feel to it, as Brisbane does, only smaller. I loved it! The vibe I got was great.. We camped on the beach that night, south of the city, after having had the best luck in the world when we decided to try find the house of a couple we met when we were in Queensland back in June, called Jimmy and Shirley. We had an idea of where they lived but we weren't too sure but we thought we'd chance our arm anyhow and drive around that area of Adelaide, up and down the beachfront, to hopefully spot their mobile home outside their house and pop in for a visit.. And that's exactly what happened!! I never expected to find them or to see them again but we did..so randomly! We ended up staying there for a good few hours, talking about our travels, looking at photo's and just being in good company. It was such a random experience and what a way to spend a Saturday night! They are a great couple, both in their 80s.. so full of life and with an amazing amount of energy, it's unreal. We were delighted we made the effort to look for them and were so grateful to them for inviting us into their home, as we turned-up so unexpected.. What a great couple they are!

Sunday I decided to set-off and explore Adelaide by myself. Those short few hours we spent there the night before didn't cure my craving for a city, which I didn't realize I had, until being in one for the first time in months.. It was so great being in a city again. It made me feel so alive, not that there was so whole lot to do as retail-therapy doesn't seem to be my thing anymore. But just being amongst the hustle and bustle was enough. So I sat and drank tea all day long and ate sushi every chance I got. How cool!

We were due to start work on Monday morning, in Gawler. This is Jason's hometown which is around 30 minutes north of Adelaide. We started work on the rosefarm Jason has worked on for years, doing the same work as we did in Nyah West..the rose-patching. The conditions were so much better, but I struggled all week trying to get back into the swing of working again. It had only been a week and a half since I worked, but for some reason the heat (only 28degrees) got the better of me everyday.. But this didn't ruin the fun we had. We were camped on a caravan park in Gawler, only 5 minutes from the farm. It was a different experience, compared to all the other camping spots we've had.. A caravanpark was something new. There were other "budders" (this is what Jason's job is called..he is a "budder" ) staying on the caravanpark aswell. They were all English, so we all had lots in common and we quickly had created out own little community within this holiday atmosphere we were surrounded by. We hung out lots together, explored some of the sights, had a few sessions and had lots of fun out in the field too. It made such a change from it just being Jason and me in the field.: We now had more people who we could share the experience with, we could all motivate each other and have a laugh and relate our own personal experiences to, regarding either work or travel, was a great way of being!

And suddenly I found myself having to say goodbye to the English workers and, more importantly, to Jason. Today was the last day at work and tonight we'll be camping at the beach once again just like we did 4 months ago when I was flying from Adelaide to Cairns. It's almost like coming full-circle. We'll be in the same spot doing the same thing: we'll be at the beach near the airport and having to say goodbye. This all might be the same set-up but other than that everything has changed so much. We've done so much together over the past 3 months, since my coming back from Cairns. We know that I'll be back after my Malaysian adventure. We know where we stand now and I know that I'll always have a home in the van, no matter what happens. I'm leaving my dream catcher, that Jason gave to me as a present, hanging above where I'd sleep.. So I'll definitely be coming back, even if it is only to sleep and let my dreams be caught and lead me to where I'm supposed to be. How amazing...

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