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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cuation..it's a bit of confusion-1

It's Saturday the 05th. I've just about lost track of the days and of the time.. The last time I seen a bed was Thursday night and the next time I'll be seeing one is Sunday, if all goes according to "plan".

Thursday night it all started happening, without me being aware of it: I met this dude from Germany in the hostel. We got chatting about this and that, watched a movie and by 12 it was time for bed.. I was delighted. It had been a hectic day, Aine (the Irish girl who I had gotten to know pretty well) had suddenly decided to move on that same morning and I had spent the day exploring some more of the city. I had been rained on, I had been out for dinner by me tod (which is such a buzz by the way!) and I was just generally wrecked. I had said to myself on Thursday that Friday would be the day for moving on, so that's what I did. Friday morning, I hung out in the hostel till 12noon, packed my bags and with no where to go, I left the hostel, said goodbye to the German dude, called Andy, we exchanged email addresses and I didn't expect to see him again.

I walked with my 22 kilo's of luggage to the busstation, decided to book a bus to Langkawi, which is an island off the northwest coast of Malaysia. It's a 7 hour journey and the bus was due to leave at 11pm. This was great, cause I'd have saved a night in the hostel by sleeping on the coach and any other bits of the city I hadn't yet seen, I'd now get a chance to.. Well that was the plan anyhow. But that soon changed when I just wasn't arsed anymore. I had been walking again, only for an hour, and I was done with it. I started to feel lonely and was tired of always knowing that there was someone looking at my every step. Because that's what it's like in that city. I was tired of it. So I hopped on the Internet, both to escape from the world and to book a hostel for Saturday night on Langkawi. But shock, shock, horror, horror, every hostel and hotel on the island was fully booked! There was nowhere for me to sleep!! O no.. I panicked, and that made me feel even more down and alone and drained. I didn't know what to do. I tried to get a refund on my bus ticket or even postpone it to a few nights later, but they weren't all too helpful (wouldn't be the first time). The thoughts of staying in Kuala Lumpur another few days didn't feel too good either, I actually dreaded the thoughts of it. So, to cheer myself up, I dropped German Andy an email, seeing if he wanted to meet up for some dinner, just for some company and some advice on what I should do, with this problem of finding accommodation.

So we met up and chatted lots, had yummy dinner and an overdose of green tea... How nice!! And he started telling me about where he stayed in Thailand. It was on the island of Kho Phangnang, on the eastcoast, and it's called the "Sanctuary". Well, the things he told me about it, were amazing. We both seem to be on the same wavelength when it comes to the books we read and the things we want to do along our "journeys". So this place he stayed at, was exactly what I was looking for, when I had planned on coming to Malaysia. It's, apparently, isolated from the road, by the beach and only accessible by long tail boat. It has yoga, meditation, massage, workshops and courses on offer nearly every day.. There's so much of what I love, in such a tranquil little haven. And it was much cheaper than the normal hostels in Malaysia too. He loved it there that much, that he said he was probably going to go back. But all I could see, as we were talking, were visions of me being there and doing all the things I want to do; yoga, meditation, massage, writing, reading..all surrounded by people with the same mindset..tucked away in a little piece of paradise. I couldn't believe it! This is where I wanted to go! This would solve my accommodation problem!

The excitement of it all!!!There's so much more to come..

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