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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Xmas & Asia all wrapped-up 2

Wouw, okay.. All well in my world. Yes very much so. I'm still in the city. I have the whole day to kill..so still a few more hours of sitting around, reflecting on my past 4 weeks, drinking tea and spending money on souvenirs..Has to be done I suppose. Tonight I get the bus to the airport at around 06.00pm, and my flight to Melbourne leave at 09.30pm. I arrive tomorrow morning at 08.30am.. And I'll be a walking zombie, once again..

Am I gutted it's all over? Very much so. Really I am. It's been such an adventure though that, at the same time, I can't help but feel blessed and grateful for having had this experience and this chance to travel differently than I've ever travelled before. So I'm not sad, but I feel like the luckiest person ever. The fact that I chose to follow whatever each day threw at me, was all part of the beauty. Because of this, I met some amazing people. And to me, that's what it's all about at the end of the day. To me, it's not about doing excursions and being with the tourists or partying. I found this out during the first few days, when I tried to travel like the majority of the backpackers travel..all according to the guidebook and following the crowd just to tick off all the places that are on the list of "things to see" in a particular country. I actually bought a guidebook of Malaysia when I was in Oz a month ago, but haven't used it once.. and will be selling it to the second hand bookshop when I get back I reckon.. So I chose to travel without a guidebook, because I hadn't even planned on going to Thailand, without a notion as to where I was going to end up (much to the despair of some special people on the home front I'm might add..oops..so sorry!) and with a feeling of certainty and security in my heart. And look what it gave me! Wouw.. a trip of lifetime, that has taught me so so much. I've met some friends for life and have been inspired by so many wonderful people. I've come into contact with the kind of people that don't come into your life, when you don't move or make things happen or when you don't take that risk and venture into the unknown and embrace the contact you can have with certain people. It's really amazing and for this trip to have turned out like this, is nothing short of miracle..(no matter how much I sound like I'm away with the fairies right now..It's just the way it is: yes it's a miracle and yes I'm away with the fairies..Pretty cool by the way)

So, with my heart so so full of new feelings and appreciation and my head so fuzzy from lack of sleep, I'm signing off for one last time, from Malaysia. Next time I'll be back in Oz, with a whole new outlook and with hopefully a calmness about my writing and with no worries at all..

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