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Monday, December 7, 2009

Welcome to paradise!

Leaving Hat Yai on Saturday afternoon.. After all the fuss and commotion of coming so far, I felt so close to my "final destination": Kho Phangnang.
But, judging by how the trip had been going up until that point, I shouldn't really have been surprised when things didn't go the way I had "planned".

I was supposed to get the nightboat to the island, which was meant to be leaving at 11pm. This was also my bed for the night. But when I realized that I had been "shafted" when I bought the ticket, I couldn't help but laugh at myself.. Because when the minibus finally made it to the peer in Sura Tani (which was the some of the most insane driving I've had to sit through before in my life), the taxi driver told me in the very few words of English he had: "no boat". This is all he said to me. I couldn't believe it.. I asked him questions, I spoke about what I had been told when I bought the ticket, and all he kept on repeating was: "no boat". He then said: "you home?". By this he meant: where is your home, or where can I drop you". This is when I slowly started to panic. I told him, all flustered, that I don't have a home!

Holy moly, it was 11.30pm and he was wanting to drop in this city, that I didn't know and where I had nowhere to stay. I then started having visions of me having to sleep under a bench.. Oopss... I felt frustrated because of not being understood and not being able to communicate and I think it was only natural for me to start feeling pretty sorry for myself. The poor dude started to feel really bad, because he couldn't speak to me and I couldn't speak with him and I had no where to go. But thank the heavens above that we stumbled upon a hotel, where they had a room for me!! And it was the best night sleep I've had in ages. The fact that I had been travelling for 36 hours straight, helped of course. It was so clean, I had my own bathroom, I had a tv!! And all that, for only 440 Baht (which is around 20 euros). Wouw.. I was so lucky. It all worked out in the end, but I did learn from this little hick-up.. I learnt never to get frustrated because of the language barrier, which is what I did. I learnt never to expect them to understand what I'm trying to say or what I'm asking, because they don't. I learnt never to believe a Thai person, when I can sense that they don't understand what I'm saying, because I put my trust in them. I know it wasn't intentional for them to give me the wrong information, and I don't want it to take away the faith I have in the people here. But I'll know better next time.

So the following morning, I booked a ticket for the ferry, I had some time to kill and so I was hunting down breakfast. Well, do you think I could get a bowl of cereal or toast anywhere!! Not a chance. I went into this restaurant and had rice and chicken for my breakkie!! This is what they all have for breakfast, or noodles.. It was the first time I've ever has this, so early in the morning. It was spicy, it was beautiful, and such a great way to start yet another day in traveling paradise. I was excited at the thoughts of what this new day was going to bring, even after all the panic and excitement of the night before..

The ferry was due to leave at 14.00, and thank the heavens above, I made it without any problems. Before I got on, I rang the Sanctuary on the island and was told that there was no vacancies.. I didn't mind though, and was actually pleased for some strange reason and started thinking it might even be a good idea to go back to the bungalow park I stayed at when I was on the island 2 years ago. So with this in mind, I got on the ferry and felt amazing. This was the right thing I was doing..even though the Sanctuary wasn't proving to be the place I was going to end up..after coming all that way. But I didn't care, I was flying so high!! On the ferry, a representative from a resort was offering private bungalows for 200 baht a night! That's 10euro! I was again delighted and totally chuffed and even more so when I met an Italian guy by the name of David who was also going to the same place. Yey! I met me another friend! This ferry journey, went by unnoticed, because me and this guy chatted as if we had been friends for years. It was a crazy meeting and 24 hours later, after having a great night of eating amazing Thai food and drinking beer on the beach, which is also where our accommodation was, we have now moved to another resort with an even bigger and more beautiful beach, with another girl and a guy from Poland. So we've been hanging out ever since and we all get along and fit together so well. It's like we've formed our own little family already..

So for now, until I feel it's time to go, I'll be here. I'm finally chilling out, after 48 hours of being on the go. It's now time for me to take the me-time I'm after. I will be bril!!

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