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Thursday, May 20, 2010

What guidance is needed??

The spiritual devotees I’ve been in contact with have been wanting me to get more involved in the foundation of the Art of Living. It has led me to start questioning the whole “worshipping of a leader”(which is what would come along with getting more involved), and with that, I’ve been questioning all religions in general. This is what India can do to a person: From one day to the next you can be faced with 2 or 3 different religions, beliefs and rituals.

Why are they following this Guru in particular and devoting their lives to spreading his beliefs and his way of living? A Guru is wise soul, one who knows the eternal knowledge, one who is connected to divine, one who has higher powers, one who has experienced life’s challenges and one who expresses all their wisdom in such a way that others can learn and also experience that same endless supply of knowledge and wisdom we all have within ourselves. A Guru shows the path towards this wisdom, through his writing, his speaking, his way of living. He teaches and people learn. People can experience a blissful awareness, a happy and free soul, they can experience peace and love in all aspects of their lives due to what the Guru teaches and for this reason they follow, they give thanks and they worship. They are also the most joyous, non-judgemental and free spirits you will ever meet.

The more people I met and the more I was being “told” to do the courses his foundation offers, such as meditation and yoga, the more I started to wonder about “clinging” so strongly to a leader, Guru or wise-one. Do I really want to start following his beliefs? Yoga and meditation I would love to follow, when I have the funds to spare. So at some stage, then, yes, it will only be through a particular Guru that I’ll learn. Because they are the ones who “drive” the whole force and lead you towards the deeper encounters that yoga can offer. This is what they spread and therefore it’s what the teachers are taught and this is what they in turn must pass on. Ultimately this is what I would love to experience; to be a yoga teacher. It will happen when the opportunity presents itself. And speaking of opportunities: I know in life we make our own opportunities happen but I also know that we need certain things in order to make them happen. As well, to want too much in life all at once, forces us to loose focus and we end up doing less in the long run. So I reckon simply knowing what I want is enough for it to come to me.

But being a devotee and following a Guru so solemnly? What a Guru gives, we already have, I already have. I’ve experienced it myself and don’t feel the need to worship somebody else for something that I have encountered through things that I’ve been through in the past and therefore already own myself. It can be called many different things: inner strength, higher power, connection to the spirit, awareness of your truth. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying I don’t need guidance, of course I do, everybody needs guidance. Nor am I speaking badly of his followers; I’m know that all Guru’s speak wisely and that they are extremely powerful. I truly believe this. But, for me personally, I don’t know why I would choose to worship one Guru and not the other? Why is this Guru different from others? I’ve read many books of such wise-ones and they speak so much truth. But I have never decided to follow just one or to worship the other. I give thanks, yes. But I give thanks to all amazing writers who teach me something, I give thanks to all the people who have guided me in my life.

So, after much questioning, I’ve come to the conclusion that, yes guidance is needed, and in whatever way a person chooses to be guided is their own freedom of choice, as it is my freedom of choice. At this moment in time, I give thanks to people who have guided me in my life, be they wise writers, other professionals or people on a more personal note. And for now, that’s feels to be enough; giving thanks to all. I don’t need to question this any further. The past week has revealed all I need to know for now, in regards to beliefs: I simply believe in me and I know where to turn to for the guidance I need in life.

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