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Friday, August 5, 2011

The shortest blog entry ever!!!

Only 3 days since I’ve started to open up about what’s been happening here in Jinzhou.

My leaving has only just become common knowledge to myself as well as to others and I can’t begin to say how much everyones support means to me. I’ve actually been shocked from how many parts of the world it’s been coming. I’ve learnt over the days, how important this is… because, when you’re travelling alone, and things go wrong, the result can be loneliness… and you need to know that others are ‘there’ to back you up and not speak such words as: “I knew it was a risky decision!” or “I never wanted you to do this in the first place”… But instead what’s needed is somebody who is ‘there’, wherever in the world that may be, to just listen to the ‘stuff’ that’s coming down the phone or to read of the emotions in blogs or emails… I never asked for an answer over the weeks, but I only wished for the support to be just be ‘there’… that feeling of a presence (even when I’m not able to see them or hug them) was the only thing I needed… And this is what I’ve been getting, my wish and my needs are met… simply by expressing and opening up all that’s going on in my world. And I know so well that these words: “I told you so” or “I never thought it was a good idea” won’t be spoken. My family and friends feel so close to me right now, because of them being ‘there’… reading and listening. Thank you thank you thank you…

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