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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Annual day Mayhem 2

The overall show was a huge success. It was said by the managing staff from school as well as from the parents that it had been the best annual day so far – apparently because of one foreign teacher who came and spiced-up the program, with ideas that others – apparently – would never have come up with. At the end, I received so much credit. More so than any of the other teachers. But I didn’t feel it justified… not at all! Not when I look back at how differently I could’ve organized things. I guess those who praised me with such credit didn’t realize just how much I was kicking myself for not doing things differently and more controlled. All they saw was how well all my little stars did on stage... So credit I received I passed on to all of those little stars. Because they all did fantastic when the curtain finally raised and the time came for them to shine. I was so proud of them.

My last act was also the final act of the night. It was the yoga demonstration. All was calm, the audience was thinning and my stresses had vanished, as if by magic. Afterwards my group left the stage and suddenly everything was over, the school was emptying and the kids were going home, just before coming to say: ‘Happy journey Niamh teacher!’ How sweet is that!

And before I got the chance to yawn and take-in the fact that I wouldn’t be going back to that school ever again, I was sitting at Lekha’s kitchen table (the lady I’d been living with before) having a cup of tea before bed and excitedly discussing the whole event.

What a day… and I can’t believe how much I learned from the whole experience – so many things that I can now start applying in Kayamkulam school… because guess what… they too have an annual planned in the next few weeks! Ooohhhhhh…. And who will be teaching drama… it’s got to be me! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

For now though, as far as Sasthavattom school goes, my time is over. I won’t say I’ll never be going back. I’ll keep in contact with some of the teachers, especially Lekha – who I got quite close to over the months. She’s probably one of the people I got closest to, since arriving in India in September… Staying in her home again, felt as though I was returning to my Indian home…! So I’ll go back to visit before I leave, which will be pretty soon – because, even with all of the haste and commotions at the schools, time is still ticking and still I’ve a decision to make… where to go and what to do… keep you updated as soon as the answers come falling!

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