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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

At home with Michael Beckwith

Last Thursday I was chatting on the phone with Lorraine, my publisher (still quite strange to be saying this!). Anyhow, she spontaneously mentioned she was going to a Vision Seminar on Sunday, held in Dublin, and invited me along. She was a sponsor of the event and would be setting up a stand so as to promote her business (as well as my book!). I was ecstatic of course that she asked me to come along… it would be the first time I’d ever put myself ‘out there’ as an author! Wouw… This would turn out to be quite an event. I was even more excited when she said that Michael Bernard Beckwith would be giving talks all day!  

For those who don’t know him by name, they may know him by face… He stars in the movie ‘The Secret’. He’s a meditation teacher, visionary master, healer, motivational speaker, author… on and on the list goes as to what this man does with his life. I couldn’t believe I was actually going to be seeing this man speaking, in real life!

With many of the world famous motivational teachers, self-help authors, coaches and healers, I’ve often felt they were so ‘out of reach’… I’d be learning about spiritual progression and I’d hear big names of the teachers/coaches/healers/authors who have helped, and continue to help, millions of people in the world to change their lives for the better. They teach about becoming free from pain and fear so as to eventually discover the purpose of one’s life. They teach certain perspectives that will bring each person to realize what they truly are, to gain insight into their soul and to THEN motivate the individual to let the discovery of their spiritual essence inside become the drive throughout their life, so the spirit can live in this lifetime and be free.

What an amazing day it turned out to be. There were around 300 people in the audience, Michael was on stage, with his wife—who was playing music and singing at certain intervals (she’s got the most amazingly powerful voice by the way, totally blew me away) I sat at the back, in my own zone, and how at home I felt! At first when I saw him on stage, it was like: wouw, a celebrity… But that soon wore-off when I realized that everything he said, is everything I’ve been writing about, living by and feeling from a deeper level. I felt at home because it was like somebody was finally speaking the language that goes round and round my head, all day long, with little means to express it! And it got even better, when I realized that not only was Michael speaking and living this language, but 80% of the people in the room, spoke that same language too! 

Man, how blessed I was to be surrounded by people who ‘get’ the whole process of visioning, expansion, energy and DEEP love that needs to be spread as much as possible, throughout this world; by people who meditate and GROW through every experience; by people who understand the importance of gratitude in life and know how privileged we are to be alive and on this amazing planet today; by people who ‘get’ that it’s normal to be in love with life at all times, for ‘no real reason’ at all! The seminar was full of people ONLY wishing to do good for others in this world, people with understanding of their own inner power and with strength to always realize how they themselves are the creators of their own lives, their own joy, their own destiny.

The talk went on most of the day. But he wasn’t lecturing though. Michael was just LIVING and being amazing in that state! I spoke to a few during some of the breaks and the Irish scepticism was coming through, when I heard: ‘it’s quite over the top…’ Meaning Michael’s over the top! But, oh how I would never call it that… This man loses his inhibitions; he lets himself go… without needing to have 3 beers in his belly—and THAT to me is LIVING! He totally embraces LIFE, wraps himself around it and isn’t afraid to stand up to the world and say: THIS IS HOW I AM… I AM FREE… I AM ME… I LOVE MYSELF… AND EVERYONE HAS THE NATURAL BIRTHRIGHT TO LOVE THEMSELVES JUST AS MUCH. He loses his inhibitions for the sake of getting the message of life across to the people who are stuck in their limited ways of seeing life, stuck in their little worlds of worry and pain… He’s spreading the message, using the power of his spirit… the power of his life… even when he’s not on stage… It’s not a performance, it’s a way of BEING, always… either in front of 3 people, 300 people or 3 million people… So, I‘d never consider him to be ‘over the top’… Ireland, and actually the whole world, needs to see how it can be, if we all just let ourselves go and become fearless of judgment, criticism, failing… Fearless of what ‘letting go’ of all of our ‘stuff’ will do. He’s fulfilling such a huge purpose in life: getting people to wake-up to what life is TRULY all about.

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