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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

At home with Michael Beckwith-Concluded

I finally felt I was less alone… in this room with 300 people… It was so relieving to see that here on this little green Isle, there are those who view life from a similar viewpoint as I do… I don’t have to travel the world to find like-minded people! And I’d never have been introduced to this awakened and lighter aspect within the Irish community, if it wasn’t for Lorraine inviting me… But then again, she’d never have invited me, if she wasn’t publishing my book… I guess it’s the book, the story of my life and the nature of me, that’s starting to open up doors and I’m—simultaneously—opening up to reveal my own truth… Suddenly I’m meeting people here in Ireland that resonate with me, that recognize my passion… and by embracing the connections that form, in such a state of giving, we can help each other, and so many more, to move forward and to keep the purpose of this life ALIVE—setting ourselves free. Wouw… It’s quite amazing.

So, we listened, we raised our energy frequency, we meditated, we envisioned, we danced, we sang, we laughed, we let the barriers go and opened ourselves up to our inner potential. Afterwards, it was like the after party began! No music or alcohol required! Just people in a positive frequency, mingling, exchanging experiences and networking. And wouw… I met some great people… I spoke about my book to quite a few as well, spoke with some other authors who are just getting started too, spoke with a motivational speaker that’s based here in Ireland… and was invited to some other gatherings (similar to this one, but on a smaller, more local scale). I can get more involved with ‘things’ and realize the opportunities that are out there, only so ‘close’ to my front door, when trying to be more of an inspiration and motivator to others. Because it’s the only way I can be heading from here… given the purpose of the first book, as well as the second, and the energy I have that can be put to MORE use out there in the world… My passion for life doesn’t ONLY have to be injected into writing books. It’s a part of it, but writing is already leading to my literal voice to be heard and not only my written voice to be read.

It’s a process however and something that only evolves as time comes to pass. It can only emerge if I don’t force or pressurize myself. In a state of ease, I can see how more things can happen. Not forcing the path to unfold and not forcing for directions to appear, will actually makes each step appear and in taking each step forward the next step will appear. I have to learn that this is not just an approach that I have to associate with this particular time in my life, but it’s an approach that needs to be practised for all of this lifetime. Only THEN can the most devotion be injected into living a life that’s based on truth.

Back to Sunday evening; I was one of the last to leave the hall. I spoke with Michael and his wife… such open, giving, loving people. I left and was walking on air… OPEN! Stepping outside again, was the strangest thing… it was as though I’d been travelling for a period of time I can’t say, during the hours of being inside the seminar hall.

Suddenly back on the ground, I was sitting on a green Dublin city bus making my way to the bus station in the city centre. I was looking at the crowds of football fans going in and out of the pubs, intoxicated, shouting abuse at each other… guards everywhere… One guy was in handcuffs, being pinned down to the ground by 3 cops, blood streaming from his mouth… and the Dublin folks were just ecstatic to get that bit of excitement. What a different world…

It didn’t bring me down… it just brought home how important it is for us to BE the change we wish to SEE in the world around us. If I wish to see people feeling love and happiness—regardless of our circumstances, place, relationships—then I myself have to be that same state… This doesn’t mean I’m ignorant or that I don’t care about other people’s pain. It means I know I’m of more use to the world, if I send suffering individuals understanding, compassion and positive vibes, instead of feeling miserable myself as a result of all the crime, pain, abuse and destruction that’s out there in this world. Life’s too short to engage in the pains of the world, from a manner that brings us down. Instead I choose to view the pains of the world, from a perspective that’s changing, moving forward and elevating all those who are open to positive growth. I could write about this forever, but I won’t… I’ll let this be for now, as life takes on a different dimension...

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