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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Revealed to Reiki

Reiki level 1; I’ve taken the course! Yes, Saturday and Sunday I had my first introduction to Reiki. I’m pretty sure most will know what this is. If not: it’s a holistic healing method where the healer (who is actually only the channel) opens energy channels within their own body, so the healing light from a higher source comes flowing through, either into yourself (if you’re treating yourself) or into another (if you’re treating someone else). In the past I’ve received acupuncture, massage therapy, reflexology, hypnosis and counselling. And right now, meditation and yoga I do extensively (to continue the process of learning of the body, mind and soul connection). But nobody has ever treated me with Reiki before and so I’ve never even thought I would actually go ahead and learn how to treat others (and myself) with this energy. Either way, a month ago I came across an advertisement in the local Angel shop. I didn’t overthink putting my name down and voila! Suddenly I was sitting in a cosy purple little room, with another guy and the teacher, last Saturday morning. I can honestly say I was pretty blind to what I was opening myself up to. And I’m blown away by the whole thing… I reckon my life has changed (haha)… No, but seriously… it has ;) 

Okay, why does it feel to be so life-altering? Well, for a start, I never realized how potentially easy it is, for every single person on earth, to become attuned to the Reiki healing energy and to use their own channels to heal others! Of course I’ve known that everyone has channels, everyone has energy, everyone’s energy comes from the same source of life and by making a connection with that source, we can merge with greater powers; those that aren’t available to us here in the physical world. But, no, I never realized how closely the energy of Reiki is within our reach, and how empowering it is to connect in a way that enables us to pass it on.  

Without getting too much into the ‘technicalities’, I’ll just say that we had deep meditations and chakra balancing followed by the initial attuning to the Reiki energy. This meant we were able to start practising on each other. During the first sessions I realized how a calm, quiet and (preferably) empty mind (which comes from meditating prior to the practice) brings the energy to flow so easily and the healing to be so powerful. I noticed that, because I’ve been meditating regularly and have developed more focus and balance (through the yoga) that it was so simple, so straight forward and man, so rewarding! When I was practising on the other course-goer, I couldn’t believe how good it felt to be bringing such soothing, healing and empowering energies to someone else! Wouw… Another reason I was so shocked, was probably because I’ve been so used to doing meditations that wouldn’t directly benefit others. But now it’s like using meditation I can—almost directly—be benefitting someone else on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Suddenly I thought: wouw, all of this meditation has been in aid of MORE than ‘simply’ calming the mind and sourcing energy!!! Yay! That afternoon, time was suddenly flying as the energy just kept on flowing, flowing, flowing…with the hands hovering above the body, being guided to where the individual needed healing. Man, it was amazing to be connected to a power source that’s instantly doing another person wonders.

So how would this change my life? Well, considering I didn’t really expect too much from the course, it’s quite a change to now want to make it a priority in my life. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have found something that is initially done for the sake of helping another individual. And whatever deep satisfaction I receive in return, is a huge bonus :) What a revealing weekend! I felt for 2 days I’d left Arklow and travelled all over, so I could be (once again) amazed by how bright life becomes when we discover something that feels so right. What a journey!  


  1. I too have done level 2 course in Reiki and have been greatly benefited by it at the level of personal health. However my vipassana meditation teacher advised me to follow anyone course.I too was as euphoric as you are now when I learnt Reiki. Now I have stopped using it as it might create craving for healing. But I have great respect for it.

  2. Thank you for your reply! Lovely to hear from you..

    I've been wondering how either beneficial or not, it would be, to practise the reiki and to keep daily vipassana meditating. I always trust that the answer to this, will come to me, if I continue to meditate..

    So far, after 2 weeks of doing reiki in the morning and vipassana in the evenings, I've found that in reiki if we take the vipassana approach towards what's happening in the body--if we just remain aware to what's pains and sensations in the body, either 'good' or 'bad'--just being conscious to it, stops us craving and then the healing is more powerful, because it's without force, without search, without desperation, without analysis. I guess it's our purpose in life to heal ourselves, and true healing can only come into being if we're surrendering to what is, in this very moment. The energy from reiki gets the truth of our inner suffering, moving...and it appears.. The same 'result' of vipassana: we find our truth, but by using a whole different technique. ONLY consciouness.
    Hummm... This is a good one to ponder...haha...
    You've got me intrigued!

    Just as I'm writing this, a book I ordered about reiki came in the post! So, I'm gonna practise some more, and write my way to the bottom... Great! I'm excited. haha..

    Thanks again. You take care, and sending you metta from Arklow, Ireland

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