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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Synchronicities at play...

Over the past month or so, my focus deviated itself from book promotion to house hunting. I lost so much focus, that, at one stage, when anybody would ask me: ‘So, Niamh, how’s the book going?’ I’d actually be a little speechless and wouldn’t know what to answer, because I felt I’d hardly done anything to keep the promotion going and chose not to engage in the sales figures (not just yet anyhow). I’ve since been able to make peace with the fact that I let my focus slip away… for the first time in my life! Being ‘fine’ with something that would usually wreck my head completely, means, again for the first time, that I wasn’t judging myself from a place of anger, resentment, force or frustration. Nope. I just simply said… ‘Wouw… I really did loose focus for reasons of which I’m aware, and I’m totally fine with the fact that I had to deviate slightly…’ (Without having focused on house hunting and moving onwards, I’d not be where I am today… so it’s all perfect!) 

As well since this realization has hit home I’ve been able to see everything from that same angle… from a vision without force, or frustration, or criticism.  And everything feels so much more… accepted, easy, exciting and light... I’m more open due to feeling less pressurized and less angry with myself for experiencing a brief period of de-motivation. Also I’m appreciating MORE of what I’ve got, how far I’ve come and the responses (in relation to the book) that have been coming my way, without searching for them. I’m once again connected to the magic of life and can see the synchronicities that are happening…

Just an example… Today (Thursday the 25th) I arranged to meet with an eating disorder therapist in the holistic clinic BODHI, which is in Gorey (a town just 15 min south of Arklow). Her name is Louise Doran and I found out about her around 2 months ago when I contacted the Eating Disorder Resource Centre of Ireland (EDRCI). The founder of EDRCI, Suzanne Horgan, was delighted when I told her about the book and was eager to read it (hopefully this will lead to further recommendations as well as a review). So we’ve since sent Suzan a copy. When we were in contact, she also gave me the contact details of Louise in Gorey saying she’d be interested too. I rang her shortly afterwards, we chatted on the phone and she too was excited to hear about the book (I’d said I’d drop a copy in the letterbox) and we also arranged a meeting. And that meeting was today (the 25th of Oct).

From the word ‘go’ it was as though we’d been friends for ages. Wouw. The connection was instant… And I wasn’t 2 minutes in the door when I met another amazing lady, Neasa. She’s the most humble girl you’d meet, considering the amount of work and training she’s already undertaken as well as the fact that she’s the founder of this Gorey-based BODHI clinic (which houses a massive range of holistic therapies; Yoga, meditation, Pilates, massage, nutrition, Reiki, reflexology, acupuncture… on and on the list goes!) at the tiny age of 30… Wouw… She’s an inspiring girl to say the least.

Anyhow, the welcome I got from both of them was huge… Neasa said it was as though she already knew me as she’d heard so much about me. Hummm… There I was… shocked, excited but oh so intrigued. This girl, a stranger to me… How can she feel to know me already?

Well, this is where the synchronicities come into play… Neasa started telling me this story. One day - around 6 or 7 weeks ago - Neasa, Louise and their friend were meeting for lunch across the road from the clinic in the Book Café… (which is where I launched the book. There are quite a few copies on sale there). The book caught their eye. Their friend picked it up, opened it on a random page, read it and it struck a chord within him (even though he hadn’t any food issues). He was adamant to buy the book and 5 minutes later… Yay! The book was his! There’s nothing strange about that really. The book simply fell into his hands at the right time, right place, and opened itself up on the right page… which was enough for him to want to read the whole story. (Actually, this may sound normal, but I find it quite amazing!)

As little happening was taking place in the Book Café, at around the same time, there’s Niamh… sitting in her room in Arklow… staring out the window, just after getting a contact number from Suzan Horgan of a lady in Gorey. I sat, pondering whether or not to ring a complete stranger (Louise), explain my story and ask her if she’d like a copy of the book! When I finally DID pluck up the courage to ring her and told her about my story, Louise hadn’t yet made the click between the book in the Book Café and my phone call. It wasn’t until later that she started putting the puzzle together… ‘Oh my god…’ she thought, ‘I just got a call from the author of the book with elephant, the book that’s on sale in the Book Café across the road!’

They told me all of this today. Man, the excitement they’d been experiencing, just because I’d randomly contacted Louise asking for her help in reading, reviewing and further recommending the story! This was such a cool moment… I stood there, 2 people who were only strangers to me 5 minutes beforehand, and we were all on the same page… Digesting Wisdom’s page! Whoohooo!

I felt it to be so reassuring to hear that this was happening, without my awareness. Isn’t it magic! Then, Louise went on to tell me that she’d actually lost the copy that I’d delivered, all those weeks ago. She was on the plane and during take-off it dropped to the floor and slid underneath the seats behind her. She went looking for it, once the plane landed, but it had disappeared… She wasn’t upset, because somebody else has now got it! And she bought her own copy from the Book Café! Yay! I was just amazed at how things have been evolving, unknowingly.

It was great to get to know these girls. They’re so switched-on, totally understanding, open and doing amazing work at the same time. We sat and spoke for a couple of hours, which was unexpected but so refreshing. It was also huge for me to hear from strangers that it’s an important book. Because I’ve sometimes been wondering if it’s just me who thinks it’s important? Have I deluded myself into thinking this book can really spark-off chords within ANYBODY? But hearing today that a total stranger, who had never before heard of me (and therefore had no reason to buy it ‘just because they know the author’) and who is unaffected by eating disorders… just tells me soooooooooooooo much! This book really IS for anybody!!! I haven’t deluded myself at all…

It just shows as well that things really ARE happening with this book and it’s taking on a life of it’s own. Brilliant :)

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