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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jetlag, Ozzie blokes, beer and heat

It's a week ago since I left Ireland..and how long is the longest jetleg that a person has ever experienced..?? I wouldn't know, but mine could possibly be in the running towards becoming the worlds' longest ever. It still creeps up on me, every evening after dinner. Like an old woman, I fall asleep, waaaaaaaaaaaay before my usual bedtime. But nothing is really usual at the moment, when it comes to timing, because there simply isn't really such a thing as time whilst being here..

Every morning this week, I've been awake with the birds. Or before the birds even.. which is around 4am. I'm wide awake. But it's still chilly outside, because the sun hasn't yet come up.. So each day I'm patiently waiting for the day to begin. The sun then rises at around half 5 or 6 o'clock and the dampness can be felt still. But the sun is starting to shine so it's great to step outside. The smell of the air reminds me of so many different times. The dampness and the morning dew that had set on the land during the night, is starting to disappear as the sun is slowly warming up the life.

It's so so peaceful. The other morning, I was up walking around the paddock (which is a field.. I'm starting to get back into this ozzie slang..what a wonderful feeling!!) standing in the sun, in my pyjama's, taking photo's of the goats that live next door. How funny that was, they weren't too impressed by the way, kept on giving me these silly looks and they're not at all photogenic, wouldn't even give me a smile!

Being up so early, means that the day is nearly over by 9am.. (a slight exaggeration). This could mean that it might only be normal that I'm tired after dinner. I just never expected jetlag to take so long to get over. At times I wanted to write so much, but my head wasn't been fresh enough to get on to this blog and type what I'm trying to make into something entertaining..huumm..don't know if it's working..

Anyhow, I left Ireland a week ago. It's so crazy, it feels like a different me, a different lifetime. But only 7 days have passed. As you might have noticed, I haven't been too busy. The thing that has been keeping me occupied most, is chilling.. I'm staying with Trish and Wayne (aunt and cousin for those of you who don't know), Ed (uncle) is usually here out on the patio with a beer in his hand and throwing some shrimps on the built-in barby, in the garden. He's away for a few months, so I won't get to see you him :(
So for now, it's chilling all the way. There's so much space to do so many different kinds of chilliness in the hot sun - yoga in the paddock, reading the rocking chair, chatting and drinking on the patio, swimming in the pool (!!!I know..they've got a pool!!). So cool! It's the 3 of us anyhow here in the house, and Waynes girlfriend Sarah is here a lot too, who is ozzie, so listening to her chat is still so refreshing! We've been out and about, around the area, mostly I've just been taking in the ozzie life. Yesterday we went for a day out, to a few little towns up the coast. We went to Noosa, which is a real popular town with the tourists and lots of "surfer-dudes", and we had a stroll on the beach!! Soooo nice to see the ozzie ocean again. My god..

The weather has been real warm too. Which is supposedly not usual for this time of year. It's 5 degrees above the average temperature. It's coming into winter, so it's cooling down a lot a nighttime, but in the afternoon it's around 25 degrees. When I got here first, last Saturday, it was 30!! Wouw.. what a shock to the system.. but a glorious one. The perfect temperature to heat my bones again, and my feet, which have been ice-block ever since I left this county a year and a half ago.

I have no wild stories, just that the beer (Pure Blonde) tastes just as good as I remember, after having had my first one yesterday, sitting on the terrace of a roadside pub in the shade, taking in the ozzie blokes as they were stopping off for a few beers during their lunchbreak.. It's gas! I'd forgotten how much I loved the look of the ozzie guys here.. They're ferril (dirty) as I don't know what, they're scruffy, tanned, weatherbeaten, strong and "all-natural down to the bone" which might not sound appealing, but to me it really is and I absolutely love it!

Another thing I absolutely love is all the different memories that I get, from just tuning in to the tv, or walking around the supermarket (Coles by the way is the best!), or seeing a sign for a particular shop, or hearing certain words, or drinking certain beer, or just rolling all these into one which makes up: living the Australian lifestyle that I missed so so much. There's no time, there's no need for anything, there are simply no worries..

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