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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just my imagination

Everybody knows that when they're planning on going on holidays, or going away for a while, they usually have a certain image in their head, as to how that place will look or what the area will be like, before they get there. Well, just like everybody else, I was the same. I had this image of this place, that's just 40 minutes outside of Brisbane, to be red with dust, to be flat, to be secluded.. I imagined there to be no trees, no bush, no animals, no birds. All I expected was blue skies and red fields surrounding their house that was so far from civilization that a roadtrip would be needed to get to the nearest shop. And thinking it was going to be like this, excited me! Really it did.

Well, when I got here, I can't say I was disappointed. Quite the opposite. I couldn't have been more wrong, as to how the area would look. But for the first few days, I had temporarily forgotten that image I had in my head. Once I was here, it had gone. I tried and tried to remember what I thought it was going to be like. I wanted to compare my imagination with the reality. Then this morning, as I sat on the patio in the sun at half 7, I was thinking and suddenly it came to me. What I just described was what I thought it would be like. Instead of their house and surrounding area living up to my imagination, it excelled it.

This whole area, feels so tropical. It's so green, it's so blue. There are mountains, once you go up the highway. There are birds, there are parrots, there is life in so many different forms. It's not secluded, deserted or isolated. It's not in the town and you need a car (or in Waynes case, a ute) to get around, but there are people. Australian people. Just as well.. if you didn't find them here, you wouldn't find them anywhere..

So it's not what I expected, but it's so much better. I don't know how long I'll be staying here in Caboolture (isn't that the craziest name by the way!!), but for now, it's great.. I do know though, that I'm not all too keen on heading South, as it's a lot chillier down there. So maybe I'll head up the coast, to the tropics where it's always warm. Who knows? For now though I'm just outside of Brisbane, sitting on my backside. Somethings never change; you fly to other side of the world, and you continue to do the same: sitting down whilst writing a blog.

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