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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ozzie times

It’s Sunday afternoon and for the first time since arriving here, it actually feels like the day it actually is. That’s probably because I was up much later than usual this morning (10am), which was such a nice treat. I think I’ve now finally conquered my jetlag. A whole week of falling asleep and being tired at random times, has payed-off. Hallelujah!! I’ve adjusted to Ozzie time!! The best feeling ever.

Ozzie time was what I always wanted to live by. Back in Ireland I would often feel like I was chasing time because Australia was so many hours ahead of us. I was Always wanting to catch up with the Australian time and always wanting to be one of the first people to experience the new day, before the rest of the world.. This was something I remember being the best feeling ever, when I was here on my first trip; Getting a head start with waking up and going to sleep, with going to work and with going to party. Isn’t it strange that time can have such an influence and do so much, when really it’s not at all important that others are awake on the other side of the world, while you are sleeping, and visa-versa.. I don’t really know why it meant so much to me or why it still continues to do so. It just simply does.. So to now be on their time and not to be knackered anymore, is amazing!!

Actually, so many things are amazing. I’ve been here now for a week. And it still can’t get over it. I could go on and on about how much I love it here, but I’m not going to. Instead I’ll tell you why.. My feet are bare and breathing!! They are out of hibernation, as are my legs and my freckles (slowly but surely..). That’s my reason for loving it here, today. Each day I could think of something different. Another reason, is that we had a great night last night. Trish arranged a Barbie, which was my first one in a year and a half. It was bril! Some mates of hers came round, 2 Irish lads, Manni and johnnie and an Ozzie girl, Keryn. Sarah was there too and Trish proved to be a whizz with the smoking hot deliciously smelling coals. We sat for hours and hours, eating, drinking, chatting and laughing. It turned out to be a 12 hour session. Such lovely people they are..

It’s real typical Irish: Being so glad to leave Ireland and then getting to oz, and who are the first people you get acquainted with over a pint? The Irish.. Isn’t it crazy really. But the thing is, you’re guaranteed a laugh and that’s what you want. And these guys more than lived up to what the Irish are best known for.. So what more could you want? It was so much fun and I couldn’t quite believe that I was sitting in Trish’s back garden, having a barbie.. something I had wanted to do for ages and it was happening. For everyone else it’s so normal and it’s their way of life, but I’m still so excited for being here that everything is amazing.. Even the simplicity of socializing with people I only just met..

So this morning, slightly groggy of course, I needed a little boost.. And what better way to start the day than taking a dip in the pool!! It was freezing (the water) but it was gorgeous at the same time. Nobody else dared get in, especially not the Ozzie's.. I was called insane for getting in.. Not that that matters.. So the weather is still pretty nice, it’s around 25 degrees during the day. We’ve had some clouds, but even they are amazing.. They look so different from the clouds back home. They’re so high up, so vast and so clear for some reason (could be because the atmosphere is thinner). You can actually see them rolling in and rolling out and changing with every breeze or gust of wind, especially if the land is flat with the horizon in sight. And clouds or rain is always good because it makes the sunny days even more glorious. So you won’t hear me complaining..

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