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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two BBQ's

The weekend has been and gone. It’s Monday morning and we’re all getting back on track. On what track? I don’t really know. The track that involves only non-alcoholic drinks? The track that unravels this journey? The track only to reveal that life in Oz, so far, revolves around sitting and just being? Or maybe all of these combined..

The past week has gone by so fast. It’s all been really great. Saturday was a great day. It started off pretty early, as we were going to see Keryn, Manny and Johnnie (friends of Trishs’ who were here last weekend too) jumping out of a plane! It was Keryns 30th birthday party so that was her way of celebrating, a long with the party she was throwing that evening. They were doing the skydive, around 20 minutes from here and landing on the beach. I was so excited for them. It was a clear blue sky and the sea was gorgeous.. They couldn’t have had a better day for it. We were actually later than expected, so we missed them jumping. But we hung out anyhow and saw a bunch of others landing on the beach. Oh my god.. I soooo wanted to be them!! I was so excited just for seeing them jump.. I want to toooo!!!! I’ve done it before, and would do it again at the drop of a hat. But it wasn’t my time to go for it again. Seeing it though, did get the old adrenaline pumping, I have to say. There’s nothing like that feeling of jumping out of a plane.. So amazing, so thrilling, so courageous. I was so pleased for them..

Keryn was getting the party started in the afternoon. We didn’t get to her house until dinnertime.. Or bbq time should I say. It was a mad house party and felt so “homely”. I used to always go to similar parties when I was working in the pub, here 2 years ago. And I always missed having nights like that, so much. But Saturday I had one of the those nights again. There were so many great people, so many Ozzies (yeah!!!) and so much fun times. We had a bbq, we played games, we chatted, we laughed, we drank. Me and Trish didn’t really want it to end. So we stayed up till last and had a sleepover too. The next morning I felt like I haven’t felt in ages. I had the foggiest head yet I still high from having such a great night. I walked downstairs.. And guess what? It was bbq-time .. again! Of all the ones I’ve had, I’ve never had one for breakfast. With a beer - the “Hair of the dog”. What dog? I hear you ask. Well, the one that caused the headache that morning and the one the was also the reason for the night before to be so crazy. Now, I have to say that even without the dogs, the party would have been great. But when certain dogs lead others astray, then there’s simply no reason to fight it temptation.

Just the one beer was all I could stomach. I tried to go for the second but it “had bones in it”.. (I’ve never heard of that expression before but apparently it’s a beer that doesn’t really taste as good as it should do.. but hey-ho.. I gave it my best shot, and I wasn‘t the one who put the bones in the beer so I couldn‘t help it). It turned into a 24 hour session.. For the boys it might have been, but I wasn’t sessioning due to the bones..

So today, we’re all back on track. Life is good and the sun is shining. The nights can be cold but the days are still lovely. I still wake up and feel so happy to be here. I still love to stop and realize just how happy I am to be here. If day-to-day life doesn’t make me, then this blog will.. It will continue to remind me of where I am and what I’m doing..

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