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Monday, May 11, 2009

So wealthy

Feeling incredibly rich as this life is finally being seen
However it’s nothing materialistic, neither is it a dream
A wealth that’s so new, with nothing to disguise
Finally knowing that being here, was so very wise
Being able to be sure that this is all good and right
Makes the eyes flicker at the future that’s so bright
Inside so much richness, as nothing is out of bounds
Outside so many options, with exciting new grounds

One million amazing sights that float around this head
It gives such a rush of energy, with a bright color red
The redness of Australia or the redness of this soul
Combine the two and come up with 4, now you’re on a role
Never would you have known how wealthy one can feel
With a life so full of lightness because of this lucky deal
But it’s a deal that’s not down to luck, but life as it’s meant to be
For now nothing else matters, only the sight that you can see

A day spent in this life of yours, with no reason to set a frown
It’s a change from constantly wishing you didn’t feel so down
Suddenly, naturally, spontaneously, forcefully or controlled
In whatever manner it occurred, it’s worth it’s weight in gold
One morning waking up and realizing, this is really it
Nothing more to dwell on, now you’re feeling so fit
It wasn’t until you were free from that place and frame of mind
That you can now switch-on to the world, that will treat you kind

If you let it, the world will turn out to be whatever you desire
Starting small but dreaming so big, as you reach higher and higher
As there’s no one to stop it happening, there’s no one to hold you back
Not when you feel that there’s nothing within you that you lack
As you think of what could be or what should come your way
What you’re hoping and aiming for, is more than you can say
It only took on small choice for the next one to come about
With being so excited yet calm, there simply is never a doubt

The disbelief of what you experienced, will always be there
However it’s never a reason to shy away or to easily scare
It has already given you a feeling you’ve never felt before
It’s the one you can’t describe as well as the one you can’t ignore
What a gift you have been given and it will continue to remain
Now you finally can experience that life will never again be the same
A world so amazing offering everything you want and need
You can finally feel guilt-free for taking, as you can live and breathe..

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