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Monday, May 18, 2009

The eye of the tiger

Friday afternoon, heading in to Brisbane. Into the city, where it all happens, and where craziness is easily a messy state.. Especially when you're heading off with 2 lads from Cork and an Ozzie girl, who could easily pass as being Irish, when considering how much she loves going mental. I don't really know what we were planning and had no idea how big of a night it was going to be. Little did I know that it was the start of the wackiest weekend I've had in a long time.

We, Manny, Keryn, Jonnie and me went for drinks on Southbank, and met up with some of Keryns other mates. We started pretty early, so by 8 o'clock it felt like the middle of the night. There are too many details and I remember them all, but am not going to put them into words right here, but there's just one particular thing that needs some extra attention..

The place we were drinking at, was beside a market. It was all in full swing when Keryn came up after flying from one spot to another, all excited telling everyone that Manny has bought a tiger.. A tiger? What are ya talking about? A real one? How? What? And most importantly..Why?? Why would somebody buy a tiger?? Well, it turned out that it of course wasn't a real tiger and that it really wasn't a crazy thing to be doing, on a random Friday night as the beer was flowing so freely. It's pretty normal, considering the happiness we were all feeling. And when we were introduced to this beast of a teddy, we knew why Manny had gone to the trouble of buying him..

But the size of this tiger, kind of made it a challenge, when it came to getting ourselves back on the train once it was time to head to Keryns' place in Burpengary (the weirdest name I know, I reckon somewhere in the history of this place a person let a massive burp and his name could possibly have been Gary..), at around 11pm, too full of laughter to keep ourselves contained.

The four of us had been drinking for some hours, so yeah, there was a little buzz coming from either Pure Blonde, Carlton Draught or Champagne.. We walked through the city, at this early hour, with the tiger on our backs. To be honest it was actually Johnnie who took it upon himself to carry the tiger, who Manny ended up christening Roger by the way.

The train journey was one of the best I've ever had in my life. And I'm not even exaggerating. I've been on many tipsy train rides before, but this one journey is up there with the best. And it was all down to Roger, or maybe just down to Manny who wanted to buy Roger in the first place.. Either way, we welcomed Roger into our night of happiness. We brought him to Mac Donalds. We fed him burgers, we introduced him to strangers. We sat on his back, we danced with him, we made jokes with him. And he loved the attention. We could see how he was growing because of it.

Can you imagine.. 4 people and an overgrown stuffed teddy, making their way home whilst being surrounded by sober people and not having one ounce of shame, laughing their heads off and treating good old Roger like a real animal. The whole train was loving Roger. Some people even wanted us to take photo's of them with Roger, some people actually came from the adjoining carriages just to have a look at Roger. Sober people were actually petting him and totally in awe of this tiger. This could have been Rogers night to finally become famous.. And all we could do was laugh. It was just the funniest thing ever.

We went to where Gary had let a Burp somewhere in the history of this place, and the after party continued. It was just so funny. I don't know till what time we were up, but that didn't matter. Poor Roger was pretty tired though, after the long journey home. The next morning, Saturday, and for the rest of the day and night - as we unexpectedly kept the party going at Keryns place whilst having drunk so much the night before that all I needed was water and the alcohol was reactivated, then to abduct Trish, fire up a barbie and eventually get on the drink again - we couldn't get over that train journey home. We were still in fits just thinking about it and we all agreed that it was the best train ride ever..

Good old Roger was pretty quiet though, so we entertained ourselves until the sun came up. Manny then started to feel a little bit guilty for not paying that much attention to Roger, so he took him for walkies over the fence in the back garden, at 7 o'clock on Sunday morning. And by that stage we were so reluctant to get some sleep, that I wanted to head to the city again. But I was put to bed even though in my mind it was only 2 o'clock Saturday night. A short few hours later, waking up and simply not being able to not wanting to start again. It was time to head home, to Trish's house. We needed to be on safer ground again. That back garden in Keryn's house is such a dangerous place to be. Just like last weekend.. once you get stuck there, you just don't wanna leave. If it was because of missing Roger or because of the great company, who knows, but we had to leave and resist temptation..

So Sunday was a hazy day, as you can imagine. It was like I'd skipped a few days of my life and stepped into this zone for a while and didn't step out of it and land back on earth until waking up on Monday morning. What a weekend.. but I miss Roger..xxx

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