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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The start - 2

As I sat and waited for the next plane, the final leg of the journey, it started to get dark. So my bodyclock was starting to feel slightly weird. I had 3 hours to kill, so I had slowed down and started to feel sleep-deprived. I was getting dizzy and weak and it was probably the only time throughout the entire journey when I struggled. They finally called all passengers to board the plane, and it was just as well they did. Or else I wouldn't have been able to actually move myself on to the aircraft. I was disorientated and felt a little high. It was just after 9 at night but it was around 12 in the afternoon back at home. Jetlag is always the weirdest thing.

The flight, from Singapore to Brisbane, was 7 hours and I was back in the part of the plane where I belonged.. economy. It was so different, but I didn't feel out of place. I had little room, couldn't get to the toilet as easy or as often, the food was horrible but the sky was beautiful. Again, I didn't sleep even though I was exhausted. What a bummer that was. Instead of sleeping, I gazed out at the stars, as they got more and more visible the closer we got to Oz. With seeing that, my excitement started to grow again but there was nobody I could share it with..as the girl next to me didn't want to speak. I watched the sunrise and it was such a beautiful sight. Looking in one direction I could see that it was morning, and looking back in the other direction I could see that it was still night. We were situated right in the middle, cruising towards a new day. I'd never seen anything like it before.

Before I knew what was happening the captain was telling us that we were about to start our descent and that it was already 19 degrees in Brisbane..(it was only 6 in the morning!). I was so excited. Getting through customs and security I had no problems. I thought that if something was going to go wrong, then that was going to be the moment. But it never did. Everything went fine.. my visa was recognized, my bag didn't get lost, they didn't have to check my luggage. Nothing went wrong. Everything had fallen into place and I was in Ozzie land!! I walked out through the gates and my aunt Trish and cousin Wayne (for those of you who don't know them) were there waiting. Brilliant!

Sometimes certain things always seem to good to come true.. That's how I felt about getting to Australia. That's also probably the reason why I was paranoid something would go wrong. But it never did..

The jetlag wasn't too major. On Saturday, which turned out to be the longest day of my life, I was feeling drunk all day long. Dizzy and weak and even giddy or high.. High on life, high on being in Oz, high for having made this happen.. I think I'm over it now. I've had 2 really good nights' sleeps, so what more can a girl ask for.. Huummm..maybe A glass of wine?? But that's not a question, that's something that Trish is more than willing to supply me with (well just for the first night anyhow..which ended up being a little too much..).

It felt, and still feels, so normal to be here. In many ways it's like I have never been gone. Or perhaps because I've been gone, I can now see what an amazing country this is. But having said that, I felt the same about Oz when I was here first time round too. I don't need to adjust. I don't need to find my feet. They instantly found their way the minute I stepped off that plane.

I thank my lucky stars to be around such kind natured people, in such an enviroment and with so many options..

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