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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More to teaching...

. Life in the office has been a lot better. My high school classes on Wednesdays and Thursday are going well too. I changed my approach and now I plan lessons without expecting anything in return, so I don’t feel any pressure. And when I do get a good response, it’s a massive bonus. And that’s what’s been happening over the past weeks. The response has been good, I’ve been less stressed and I’ve not been getting myself worked-up over it.

I’ve been trying to ease off putting myself under pressure, when it comes to all of my lessons in general. Because sometimes the pressure is applied without me realizing it and other times I think that by intentionally putting on the pressure I’ll perform better as a teacher. But it doesn’t work like that. With pressure, I’m more inclined to feel frustrated when my point is reaching the little brains of these cuties and I’m more impatient and far too pushy. And when I feel no pressure at all, that’s when I’m at my best. That’s when I’m having fun and patient and it’s also when creative ideas come falling out of the sky constantly. And it’s during those classes that the kids are happy and that’s when they’re learning. I suppose with pressure there are expectations to be met. And when they aren’t met, you feel to fail as a teacher. Hummm… I’m not too sure.

I don’t have a lot of teaching experience at all. But I try my best to learn and to grow in this experience. I’ve already realized that this current position is a stepping stone along the path that’s leading me elsewhere. This little piece of information lets me enjoy this experience more, because I know it’s not forever. Also I’m finding out in what other ways I’d actually love to teach, and in what manner I’d prefer to connect with kids and in what countries. It’s cool and really exciting. So I know that the occasional stress and exhaustion I feel, is all in aid of so much more and I therefore just stick to what I’m doing. It’s worth it all!

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