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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Precious time

Suddenly it does feel quick, regardless of the fact that I’ve been dreaming, hoping and waiting for it all to fall into place. Because… now that I’ve opening up this part of myself again, the focus is shifting. From getting the book published, to being the teacher again. What a difference, what a change. Last night, I had the first minor panic attack. Or it was more an attack of excitement, determination, eagerness and wonderment for what’s going to happen and how things will unfold – and how abruptly it will all take place! It’s like… Now my baby (my book) needs more attention than ever before – and certain things need to be set in place, before I head to China… Time is ticking and every single moment is so precious. I’m broadening the contacts, I’m putting myself ‘out there’ and I’m trusting that I’ll have established as much as is humanly possible, in order for the book to reach the right person. It simply has to happen.

So, there’s a shift being made. And putting this next step ‘out there’, is confirming for myself that it’s all systems go. I may not have the visa in my passport just yet and things can still change, as is always a possibilty, but I’m trusting that big things are happening and that travel and writing now truly need to start merging. So, this blog will now not only be focused on how the book reaches the shelves, but also, how Niamh reaches China, how the world is interpreted, how the freedom can be felt (even with having my name on a contract!) and how teaching is once again experienced. It all is becoming one – in whatever way the road unfolds, I’m trusting, trusting and trusting some more…

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