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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Still I'm walking through Arklow!

Still I’m walking around on Thursday morning, I’m seeing familiar faces and chatting with those who had heard about the book… and also with those who played an important role in helping me get my book to where it now is. People were congratulating me… When I was here last time, everyone knew I was writing it. Because it’s all I talked about… it was the main thing I got myself absorbed in. Also they knew of my past, of my writing and now they know that the next stage is starting to happen. I can’t say how good it feels to be so close to ‘it’ again. To be in the place where it all started; where I lived through the illness, where I wrote about it, and now, where I’m publishing it. It’s so REAL to return and hear from others that it hasn’t stopped happening, but that it’s only continuing to unfold as it should. It’s quite special. I feel as though everyone has been supporting me, even when I was on the other side of the world.

When I was in India, I knew it was happening, yet it felt surreal. There was nobody I could really express my happiness with, when it came to this topic. Or I could, but nobody shared that sense of happiness with me, because they didn’t know my story or how much it meant to me. But now that I’ve followed my book back to Ireland, I can share everything. Yes, this was the right thing for me to do and I’m only hoping that my being here will speed up the process of getting it to the reader… I guess it’s still too early to say.

Anyhow, I’m still walking around the town. Happy as Larry. I stepped into the local coffee shop, where I used to sit for hours drinking tea and coffee and writing my heart out… On Thursday afternoon I was greeted as if I’d only been there the day before. They remembered me… And, as if I’d only been there yesterday, I found the table I’d usually sit at and I set up my stuff and started writing.

Then, something freaky happened. As I was absorbed in journaling and going deep into the publishing process and what it could mean for my future, I was interrupted by a member of staff. He said I’d dropped some money underneath the table. He picked it up, gave it to me: 0,01 cent. I smiled when he said ‘it’s the first of your millions’. But then alarm bells started going off. Because this exact same scenario is one I’ve read about before! I was reading a book about success (nearly a year and a half ago) and it was about how to create the life of your dreams. In that book there was a short story of a lady who was aspiring and working hard to become a writer. She was sitting in a café, journaling about her writing career, and a staff member did the exact same thing! He picked up a cent that was under her seat, telling her it was the first of her millions. And she held onto that cent and went on to write and publish books… This is a true story! As is mine; this happened to me on Thursday afternoon! It was like one of those moments when something happens and you instantly question reality, in a flash… HOLY SMOKE….what????????!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited once I realized why it freaked me out so much! Someone lived this experience before and that someone DID reach her readers! I wonder if the same will happen to me…

Anyhow, I don’t want to blabber too long about that little incident… maybe I’m reading too much into it. But it was definitely an omen in my eyes!

Afterwards, I’m walking back home… high on life… and to a dinner I'd been craving for nearly 6 months: a fillet of salmon!!!!!!!!!!!!! man oh man, I was in heaven!

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