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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Walking through Arklow

I’m in Arklow; day 4. And it feels like a lot longer. Depending on how you look at it, this could be good or bad. But, for me, I know this is a good thing and I’ve slotted into my own space without any problems. The only ‘problem’ I’ve had is the heavy mind, but my heart feels light, so I know everything is okay.

The first day back, I was on such a high. I woke up and 5 minutes later I was unpacking my backpack… 20 minutes later I was down stairs, drinking tea out of my old teapot and eating the regular breakfast I’d been craving for, for the past months. I was full of beans, felt my life was happening so fast and I had to get up and partake… How else would my life continue to evolve? I felt as if there was a whole world waiting for me!

So I put on my boots (no more ‘chapels’ – as flipflops are called in India), my snugly cardigan, gloves, and scarf. I walked down the street, off to do my own thing and I felt to be walking on air. Everything felt so familiar, but new at the same time. I was seeing this place with different eyes again. Many will understand that this happens when you’ve been away for a while… but this is the 3rd time now for me to be here after ‘extensive’ travels, and still my perception has changed and it’s only for the better. I guess that means I’ve changed too… for the better??? Hummm…

Anyhow… Thursday morning still, it was warm; 15degrees…the hottest day this year so far, for Ireland. (Even though I’ve been in 30 degree temperatures for the past 8 months, I feel this climate to be really nice… I can breathe and it feels healthy, the sea air is also increasing my appetite… which is a good thing!). So I’m walking along ON the WELL MAINTAINED FOOTPATHS and there were no worries about tripping up or getting knocked down. There was no honking and no extreme pressure in my head caused by the passing traffic. Cars even stopped for me at the zebra crossing! I say ‘for me’ but of course, they’re not stopping because it’s ME… but because it’s the rules of the road! Haha… Such a shock I got though, when the first car actually came to a halt! Wouw! What a welcome surprise. Life is so civil here and people are naturally courteous. Strangers smile and say hello; and it’s not because I’m foreign, it’s not because of having a different appearance, YAY!!!! But it’s out of pure kindness and a sense of unity within society.

Hearing the English language around me and the strong Irish accents (especially the kids…so cute) felt so warm. In the shops, people were holding the door open, as they were leaving before me, instead of letting it slam in my face! And everyone was waiting in line! Nobody was jammy or pushy or forcefully focussed on getting what they want, no matter who they knocked down… They didn’t fight to get things done sooner than the person standing in front of them. I know in overcrowded countries it’s their way, due to the amount of people. And there’s even a saying that goes: ‘only the quickest survive’… and it’s true, so it’s how they approach life; fighting and forcing to see to themselves ONLY. They wouldn’t realize it though, nor would they be doing it to harm anybody. I found that when you’re there, it becomes inevitable for a pushy approach to also become your way of being, whilst amongst the people. Or else you’ll literally get walked on. Here it’s their way to preferably let others go before you… or so it seems at the moment. Maybe my perspective will change… who knows. But for now this is how I’m seeing it.

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