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Thursday, March 29, 2012


29 today!!! And what can I say? Not a whole lot or maybe too much to put into one post on this tiny little blog. Am I feeling older? Do I feel 29? How is a person actually meant to feel when they’re this age, or any other age for that matter? Old? Young? According to who? A 4-year-old will say I’m old. A 70-year-old will say I’m young. And what do I say? I say I’ve many moments of feeling like a child, as well as other times when I feel to have lived more than 1 life and I ponder, but am unsure of how many more I can still live.

From one day to the next, we feel different. We sometimes feel younger than we are, sometimes older. But, probably the most common ‘sense of aging’ people have is the one when a person thinks that they, THEMSELVES, stay the same age and everybody else ‘does the aging’! And then suddenly, one day, it hits home: ‘oops, I’m actually … years old! How did that happen?!’ This person then hasn’t got a clue as to how time passed by. Well, the answer is: Life happened, and one misses! Oops…! A person had been running through the years, and forgot to wake up and smell the roses! That’s a huge big fat OOPS I can tell you… Because people need to waking up NOW, in the MIDDLE of life, AS IT’S HAPPENING AND START SMELLING! (and whatever age you are today, the fact that you’re reading my blog, means you’re connected to internet, you’re ‘with the world’, and therefore fully able to stand up, walk outside into the garden (or to the nearest pot plant) and SMELL THAT FLOWER!)

Some stereotypes: Who, in society, enjoys planting new seeds, caring for the earth and anticipating the sign of new life? Stereotypically it’s the retired. And who, in society, runs through the fields enjoying the new life of the flowers, when Spring and Summer arrives? Stereotypically it’s the free, unburdened child. And there you have it! The ‘old’ life and the ‘new’ life… Both enjoying the roses! Both smelling the flowers, appreciating life. Both stopping to realize what’s important.

Hang on though, aren’t we missing more than half of society??? Where are those, who are no longer ‘officially’ children but not yet ‘officially’ old? Where are those who are in the MIDDLE OF LIFE (which really is ANY AGE)? They’re standing outside the field, looking at the child, happy to watch but TERRIFIED to join in. They couldn’t dream of joining in and BEING the child who is appreciating and loving life without inhibition, without feeling judged or criticized by the world.

So now, tell me this… what would those on the sidelines do if they were to see… let’s say… ME running through a field of tulips and being wild and free?! People would tell me I’m literally MAD! Well, guess what, if you gave me a field with blossoming flowers, I’d be the mad woman, and I wouldn’t care less! I’d be joining in with the dance of life, because man oh man, isn’t it everybodys’ dream to be wild and free… But we, ourselves, are the only ones putting limits on those dreams by telling ourselves that it’s 'wrong' and not 'proper' to dance and to love like a child in a field of tulips. Man oh man, how liberated from society a person can feel for taking life by the ***** and LIVING… simply by waking up right now and breathing deeply…

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