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Monday, March 26, 2012

There's more to Ireland... concluded

If people took a moment to step away from their worries, man oh man, they’d see Ireland as it’s meant to be seen and experienced. If Irelands’ main reason for being highlighted in the news – both inside and outside the country - WOULDN’T be because it’s in a crisis, but because of what it truly stands for, then there wouldn’t be any negative image related to the country and the spirits of the 3 million people still living here would be lifted; this country could and would start seeing the wild free spirit that’s buried underneath. They’d fully appreciate the power of its roots and heritage, which is where so much wisdom is held; something this country would NOW need to be calling upon. Its’ power is one that could lift the hearts and the lives of the millions in this country; as positivity towards LIFE in general would be raised.

Many will say: ‘It’s all well and good to be able to run through the hills, to walk the country roads, to greet the sheep, the cows, the horses and to meet the strangers who treat you as their friend and who offer a bowl of potato and leek soup with homemade brown bread; but at the end of the day, we need to live and we need to keep a roof over our heads!’ Of course, I DO understand that we need jobs, we need money to live… But we also need to realize that it’s not what life is ONLY about – even though it’s what life has BECOME about due to the lack of material wealth that’s experienced in the lives of so many. This is only a result of the shift in focus people made, years ago. They shifted their focus to what they THOUGHT was real and failed to take any notice of what was, and still is, AUTHENTICALLY real.

The nation has had to learn the hard way and slowly people will, and actually ARE, emerging from their gloom. I’m noticing the difference around me. People ARE waking up and appreciating LIFE more. I feel there’s more of a community spirit throughout the country (which I notice mostly on the radio – as I don’t watch the news or read the news papers – oops, Niamhs ignorance once again is showing…!). People are pulling together. There’s compassion and no sense of animosity or disregard towards those who are doing well for themselves and living a happy life and being successful (in whatever sense that may be).

Maybe this is the sign that Irelands level of appreciation for REAL LIFE is growing. When people support the happiness and success of others, they, unknowingly, are welcoming it into their own lives too. Hopefully, slowly but surely, the focus will change and move towards what’s actually important and real about this country and this life. And this simple ‘fact’ I wish for people to realize; appreciation for what’s ALREADY here will enable it to grow. And the spirit of Ireland - that has become buried beneath the worries - will come alive again. Who knows what the road then could reveal.

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