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Thursday, March 29, 2012

BURST OF LIFE - Concluded

The moment a person wakes up and says: ‘Oops!’ is it then too late to turn back the clock and to grow younger? Of course we can’t erase the years we’ve been here on earth, but we can release ourselves from what those years on earth have ‘done’ to us. We can change the way we’ve always seen the world and life; which was probably in a blur, as we forgot to stop and appreciate the views as we were moving too fast! One might say: ‘but those years on earth, they’ve been ‘taken away by LIFE’!’ Nope! Not the case. The individual who says this, has taken away those years THEMSELVES, by not actually realizing that LIFE IS NOW. People feel to have been ‘robbed by life’ due to the circumstances they're faced with. But the attitude a person has towards the circumstances they’re living in, is the reason for those circumstances to remain the same! A person needs to realize that life can be changed and lived with deep appreciation, in every moment, for the ‘purpose’ of NEVER being the one to wake up and suddenly say: ‘Oops!’

Must a person wait until they turn a certain age before they’re ‘allowed’ to suddenly say: ‘wouw… how did that happen?’ Or can a person, regardless of their age, realize they can already say: ‘wouw’ and become a child who sees magic in the cows and the green grass and who believes in the power of dreams and who trusts that life is never ending? Can a person become ‘old before their time’ simply for appreciating every single moment, due to experiences of the past that have shown just how precious and delicate life is and how easily it can be taken away? Of course, us humans, we’re capable of experiencing both... we can do Anything! Regardless of our age…

In my moments of being a child, I feel younger than when I was in my early 20s, late teens, or even early teens! I can easily feel like a 5-year-old, excited by the smallest of things; it’s those cows in the field again! Yay! Oh, it’s a family of ducks with one actually being the ‘ugly’ one! Yay! Do I care that this ‘isn’t how it’s meant to be’ at 29? No I don’t. So I do this without giving any importance to what others are thinking or saying, either to my face or behind my back.

Does every 29-year-old cry when they get a bunch of flowers for their birthday and simply say ‘thank you’ for a bottle of perfume? Maybe not. Then again, not every 29-year-old is living with their mam, with a desk in a bedroom as an ‘office’, without a job in sight but amazing excitement for the unknown journey this world is taking them on. Is this how every 29-year-old feels and experiences life? So many different lives; people appreciating, seeing and being differently.

In my moments of being ‘old before my time’, I’m appreciating my physical body for getting me through everyday without fail. I’m loving the tea stops instead of the pub visits and stargazing is way more exciting than movie-nights! The man on the moon interests me more than the weatherman, the news reader and the latest ‘star’ on American Idol. Let me dance without a drop of alcohol and I’ll be the one to take over the floor; and I won't be doing the macarena! Silence then brings me home again, to curl up and feel a tired body, but again to thank it.

I often listen to myself speak or I read what I’ve written and there could be a lifetime filled with conversations that I'm having with 1000s of different people. There could be years filled with story telling, reflections, lessons, predictions and hopes. Reflections and lessons, meaning my life could be coming to a halt. Predictions and hopes, meaning my life could be just starting. Yet, 29 is what I am today. In the middle of LIFE itself. Sometimes a child, sometimes an ‘ould one’. But, somehow, always subtly trying to suss the level of maturity that’s needed, depending on the people, the circumstances and the situations that arise.

What an amazing journey. Time for bed!

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