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Thursday, July 15, 2010

After India comes... - 2

I continued to travel and followed whatever felt to be the right thing for me to do, with every moment. I went from Thailand back to Oz, from Oz to India. In regards to travelling freely and flowing with my feelings and meeting the right people at the right time, I felt reassured that everything was happening as it was meant to. This attitude I had to also apply towards meeting one special person again. So I had no expectations, we were both free.

As my travels unravelled and these adventures led me from one place to the next, I met so many other souls and I was revealed to so many sides of myself, which meant I always felt fulfilled, even in my precious moments of despair. In that fulfilment, I couldn’t help this extra force that was at work between myself and that special someone. The contact remained just as strong, and maybe even grew stronger in the distance between us. My experiences were contributing to the growth between us and each chapter of my India-time led me to feel even more blessed by the fact that I was able to miss this one special person. I also knew though, that I create my own destiny, I make things happen: It was up to me to keep on making my decisions based on what I had been following since Oz.. My heart.

This is how the next decision was made. I put my head on pause, because I couldn’t bare to start questioning why I was choosing for this to be my next step. Nor could I figure out an exact plan as to how or IF it would actually work. By doing that, too many practicalities would get in the way. I’d have been driven by job stress, financial issues and expectations from others who are eager to see me soon. I would have been driven by forces outside of myself and wouldn’t have taken the risk I took 3 weeks ago, when I booked a flight to Rome, which is where David is from and where he’s is currently living. I didn’t discuss it with anybody, only Mam. I didn’t know if he would still be Rome on my date of arrival nor if he even wanted to see me. But I wanted to find out if we were or weren’t meant to meet again and under what circumstances. So I booked the flight and kept ever so quiet, until 3 days later, when he randomly gave me a call. I couldn’t NOT tell him at this stage. I was so excited (especially because I was going through a tough time at Ebenezer school). So I blurted out that I would be in Rome within 4 weeks! Just to think: 7 months ago, we didn’t even know if we would be seeing each other again.. And now I was being welcomed with open-arms! Yay!!!!

So this is my next step. On Monday morning I fly from Mumbai to Rome. What am I going to do there? I’m not too sure just yet. How long am I staying? Again, another question mark. When will I be going to Ireland or Holland? I have no dates. So, again, I know so little. But that’s the amazement of it. In knowing so little, I know that what I’m doing is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing, at this stage of my life. If it’s to either reconnect with someone so special OR to find out that the connection dissolved when we parted on the 26th of December; whatever my flying to Italy will reveal, is so very welcome. I trust that this is for certain reasons and not until I’m there, will I find them out. So I’m still flowing through life and living with whatever comes my way, even through this next step. This feels so right!!!!
4 days and counting….

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