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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Someone once told me that it takes at least a month to become somewhat used to Indian life. Not until then, can you start actually enjoying it. I never really expected this to be so, but now that I'm here 2 months, I'm realizing how much truth was in that statement. Without the tiniest bit of "familiarity" and comfort, you can't actually get the benefits from what you experience. I've had moments of bliss, like never before. How? By simply realizing what it is I'm actually doing and where I am. This can't be felt if there isn't a bit of comfort in a world so unfamiliar. Without comfort, I would be too concerned and preoccupied with coping with what I'm seeing, hearing and smelling. Then dealing with the feelings that would arise from these sensory-impressions, would be all-consuming and so, without a little comfort, actual moments of pleasure and bliss would nowhere “insight”.

Having expressed my comfort, I must say that this is, in many ways, thanks to this family who have taken me in and given me this chance to stay in Chennai. Without Jayanthi I don't really know if I would already be at the stage I'm at. Maybe I'd have been forced far sooner to become independent, which would have given me other lessons and a different level of confidence. Or maybe I wouldn't be even half way to feeling the way I'm feeling today. I can't know, nor do I need to. But being a part of their household at this moment in time, has given me far more than they will ever know. It's given me an insight into Indian life, culture, values and beliefs. It's given me the stability I need, right at this moment and it's almost like a basis I've been creating, with their natural desire to express hospitality at all times, to know that wherever I go in India and no matter what happens, I will always be safe. The way this part of my journey has turned-out, proves that seeing and believing in the good of others, will also attract the good of others.

How grateful I am.

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