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Thursday, March 25, 2010

I've kept it short for once!!

This is a topic I'm not going to analyze too much. Instead I'm only going to give you a short update on my "position", when it comes to my employment. I've been in Chennai for 3 weeks now, I've had countless interviews and all weren't what I wanted. I've turned down a few, which could have given me the status of being "employed in India". However a title or a status wouldn't have made me happy, not if the job wasn't what I wanted. And they weren't. I was tempted a few times, but realized I'm not going to take the first thing that comes my way, because then I would have been acting out of fear and panic for things not working as I wanted them to. I can safely say that I know what I want from the job I AM going to find. I have my priorities and I'm not going to start doubting all the options that this amazing world has to offer.

Right now, I have 3 opportunities. I'm not going to go into detail. I'm just waiting to hear from 1 in particular. Once I know more from them, I'll be able to decide further. I know with which option my heart lies. I also still have time. Hopefully within the next week things will be clearer. A week in my life, can make so much difference and can bring along so many new lessons. A week seems so short, relatively, but at the same time it can be long enough to bring you to changing direction so unexpectedly. This week for instance, nearly everyday, either one option has come along or another has been dismissed. And it's fine. Sometimes it feels like a process of elimination. Other times it feels like it's a sign trying to push me in the direction of something I never expected I would do, as I ask myself if I'm going against the forces of what I'm meant to be doing in life. But whenever I start thinking like that, I suddenly see that there will definitely come a point in this physical world, which will be next week I'm guessing, when I'll say: This is it! This is what I have to do and I'm going to go for it! My certainty of soon reaching this point, makes me at ease with the unknown of what's to come.

I appreciate so much that, from a distance, everyone is wishing, hoping and supporting my "stability" in India. It means so much! I have patience though and also I know that no matter what happens over the next few weeks, it will all be for a reason. Everything so far that has happened since coming to Chennai, has been for a reason. Every interview, every offer, every meeting, every encounter. I've learnt from the all and I'm not sorry I left Cochin, in Kerala, to come here. Definitely not!

I could keep on analyzing, but I choose not to. This is my position and as I sit here and type, I'm excited by the not-knowing and once I DO know, I'll be it even more so. However; an easiness I must feel in whatever situation I find myself, regardless of my expectations and my intended direction in this beautiful life.

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