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Monday, August 2, 2010

Rome - Antwerp

I was happy with my decision to leave amazing Rome. So, next step: I was needing to continue this journey. I knew, from day 2 of being there, that it was going to be Holland. On Friday I desperately searched for flights, but they were so expensive - seeing as though I wanted to leave as soon as possible AND it was high-season. It took me hours and I even doubted if I’d get an affordable flight for any time in the near future. I started to panic, thinking even more strongly that I was trapped in this city and “doomed“ not to leave! But then, miracles of miracles, I managed to book myself a seat on a bus leaving from the centre of Rome all the way to Antwerp (which is city only 45min from Emma’s and Orla’s house). It was affordable, it was soon, it was what I wanted and it was an “adventure”; a 26-hour bus journey. I was so happy and I couldn’t believe how good it made me feel to be so free!

I then suddenly realized my reasons for coming to Rome in the first place, of which I first wasn’t aware (besides to share my Indian experiences, to talk and to reconnect with David) - and that was for me to feel good about going to Holland and, soon also Ireland. So Rome almost drove me back to see the family and to reconnect with the most important people in my world. Even though I set this as a priority months ago, I never expected it to happen so quickly, so easily and with so much freedom. It’s so good for this to have happened like this. I’m so glad I chose to travel this route!

I booked my bus to freedom. I left Rome Monday morning (the 26th) and David and I said goodbye. I know I’ll be seeing him again, but it won’t be in Rome. I don’t feel I’ll be going back, but instead we are going to meet in Asia. We’ll be setting a date, once we are both in that part of the world, where we’ll once again, share our experiences as well as a very special bond, that will always last.

Okay, back to today: It’s now Tuesday morning (the 27th), I’m sitting on the bus, driving through Europe. It’s been nearly 24hours since boarding. I’m not too sick of it just yet. The weather is getting cooler though and the landscape is becoming more and more “Dutch”, the further north we drive. By “Dutch” I mean flat fields all around. I’ll be in Antwerp in 3 hours time. I haven’t told anybody I’m coming. Nobody even knows that I’ve left Rome. This is pretty crazy. I don’t even know if either Emma or Orla are home.. To keep it a surprise wasn’t really my intention, it’s just how it happened. But it will work out, and I can’t wait to see them all! And when panic arises, at the realization of where I am, I tell myself: this is not a prison, I’m passing through and it’s simply what I have chose and what I need at this time. It’s a part of the journey. And that means it’s amazing.. always!

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