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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bright-eyed Brisbane

By this stage, I had been on the go since Wednesday morning, hadn’t slept too much, hadn’t seen many beds, and the journey from Sydney to Brisbane was an overnight one, taking 14 hours. So I was starting to feel the a little tired. I was still loving it though. And, in the meantime, I had managed to contact Wayne and check if I was able to stay with them for a while. And, of course, there was no problem whatsoever!! How cool! Just the thought of having time to chill-out and reflect, was making me excited. That train journey was probably the worst overnight journey I’ve had - in terms of CHILLINESS!!!! Well, never have I been on a train that was so cold. The air-conditioning was on full-blast. It was like a freezer. How is a person supposed to sleep, being so cold??!! Everywhere they tend to put on the “freezer” overnight, but this was painful. So I hardly slept a wink. But other than that, it was all well and good. We got to Brisbane at around 7am. So I hung out for a while, waiting to catch the train to Caboolture where Wayne was going to pick me up and bring me their little place of paradise.. By 11am I was suddenly where I had set out to be..

What a journey it was. When I left Swan Hill, I didn’t plan on coming to Brisbane. It was actually pretty far from my mind. But somehow this is where I’m now at. How great is that!! I managed to push my state of transition as far as I could, both money-wise and body-wise.72 hours on the road, not having a real destination. But somehow it led me to reach a place that I needed so badly. So when I arrived at the house, on the Saturday morning, the 9th of Jan, it had been 72 hours since leaving Swan Hill. But it felt like a whole lot longer, if I’m honest. The things those days on the road brought me to experience, was brilliant!! It was more because of the people it got me in touch with again. I got to see Shane and Darragh, then Janice, and now Wayne (as Trish and Ed are working in Western Australia for a few weeks). And it didn’t stop there, because since being here I’ve seen Keryn, who is close friends with the 3 members of the Doyle-clan here in Oz, and who I hung out with quite a bit when I first got to Oz, back in April.

You can imagine how happy I was to get here last week. Everything looked so much brighter and more beautiful than I remembered it to be. It’s amazing how things can fall into place so well, and really so easily. It’s the way in which you approach certain things I suppose and also what you make of it. When things manage to fall into place, we can never know for how long they will “hold their particular place”. The place can either shift or the “thing” will feel itself shifting, once again. It’s unpredictable. But never to be feared. Everything always works out. I’m not going to say “in the end”, because that finalizes things too much. Instead, I’ll just put a few dots behind that phrase and leave what ever comes AFTER the things that have worked out, up to time, as it will reveal all, as always. And so: Everything always works out….

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