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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Workshops Galore - At Confest

The spirit was awakened in me.. Well and truly.

With so much harmony, peace and love, there wasn’t any need or desire for loud music. Anything amplified was very much frowned upon. There weren't any concerts either. So how was the spirit spread and what were we all doing, throughout 9 full days of bliss? Well, everyday there were workshops on offer. These were in the form of lessons, teachings, meetings, discussions and gatherings. Everyone was free to participate in any event they wanted. No experience was required, no knowledge was asked for.. Just an openness to learning and growing. (All these events were for free by the way, we only had to pay 70dollars (45euro) to enter the grounds on the morning of the 29th..and that was it for 9 days! I couldn't believe it!)

Throughout the week, I felt like I was in a school. It was amazing. The workshops and events were all spiritually oriented. For instance there were meditation and yoga classes, reiki lessons, chakra healings, massage classes, hypnotherapy, rune-card readings, lessons on crystals and their purpose, belly dancing, music lessons, chanting, meditative singing, intuitive healing, story telling, self defence classes... and so much more. Can you imagine how much I wanted to do every single event? Can you imagine how excited I was by the absolutely everything! I was so overwhelmed. I wanted to know everything there was to know about ALL OF THESE THINGS! But, there were only so many hours in a day.. And our main reason for going to Confest, was for Jason and I to spend proper time together.. So I had to stay calm, collected and just do those things I really wanted to..

Besides these workshops, there were drumming sessions on every night, until the early hours of the morning. There was body painting, art sessions, poetry readings (I actually got up in front of 15 people and read some of my poems - which was nerve wrecking but uplifting too, especially afterwards when people came up to me telling me how much they loved it and wanted to hear more.. I then became known as the “poet” at Confest, that was so special!). There was also a bush sauna, a bush mud bath and a silent disco.

This, I have to share more of with you. This silent disco was so crazy. I’d never heard or seen anything like this before. Why and how was it silent? Well, because it’s such a tranquil festival, amplified music is banned. So for those who love their trance and techno, there was a room where you could “retreat” with a set of headphones. Through these headphones you could choose to listen to 3 different channels, all with different styles of dance music! Can you imagine what it looks like when you walk in?: The room is silent, there are around 10 people on the “dance floor“(which is just dirt by the way.. not even soft sand), everybody is in their own little world, with head phones on, dancing their hearts out with their eyes shut so they can take themselves away to the nightclub in whatever part of the world they wish themselves to be, whilst imagining the crowds of dancing maniacs and laser beams. The atmosphere of the nightclub was all in the mind. Because the only way for the silent disco to work and serve it’s purpose was if you were to let yourself be taken away by your own imagination and thus the power of mind. You had to let yourself be transported to another place in order to become one with the music. Once you took the headphones off: it all stopped. You stepped out of the nightclub and back into the bush, back into the world of Confest. All was silent again, except for the drumming sessions that could be heard off in the distance. Well, this was me anyhow and how I experienced it. What a natural trip this was!

There's some more to come ..xx

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