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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Replaying the tale

As I’ve been winding down this trip since staying in Caboolture, each day was so inspiring and I learnt something more about my trip and about myself and about life in general. I knew I was ready to move on but at the same time I knew my time was running out. Therefore I was trying to distance myself from this Australian world but also I was trying to savour each day and all that it was giving me. So there was a “tug of war” going on: the pushing, or rejecting, was to gear myself up for the next step and pulling, or embracing, was to suck as much goodness out of the richness of my surroundings and the peaceful environment I found myself in. This was a perfect balance to create my own reality that is stable at all times. The combination or the sum that comes from this “tug of war” has made me as prepared as possible for this change. And now it’s starting.

When I get to where I’m going, I’ll once again look at myself and I‘ll see myself from 2 particular stages: I’ll be in the place I set out from 9 months ago and I’ll be in the place where I‘ll have landed myself. This will show me the route that’s been taken, and Australia will be highlighted along the journey as the country that gave me an incredible amount, of everything. Adventure, culture, love, friendship, knowledge of nature and environment, spirituality. It gave me an appreciation for this country that is even stronger than I first had, 3 years ago. It gave me an understanding for the reason why people sometimes don’t “see” the world as being one with incredible opportunities but instead they “see” the world as being one full of danger and fear that causes them to not properly “see”. It gave me the drive and the urge to go to further countries where an appreciation for where I am can ALWAYS be felt and not just when the day that it’s time to leave. It gave me clarity in seeing that, no matter where I am, putting myself first and staying true to my own needs, will always support me and serve me in everything I do.

Australia has been so many different things me: the stepping stone, the trampoline, the starting blocks, the runway. Ireland holds my water, my essence, my ground, my roots. Ireland is where my foundations are on which Australia has started to build. Ireland is where my seed has been sown and Australia has been the stem that will now make it possible for me to blossom. It has been the much needed warm-up that has gotten my heart racing, in order to avoid any injury. This is an endless list when describing what this country means to me.

My general view of this country, which can be felt by anybody who is open to it, is one like this: It’s a place that offers freedom in the western - often suppressed - society where people are being invaded, possessed, steered and restricted by the speed and chaos of the world. The distance that lies geographically between them and the rest of the western world, makes one not too prone to the influences that are put upon us. In certain parts and on certain levels society will try to invade, possess and steer their people, especially as they look at the far busier and similarly other rich worlds that aren’t within close proximity. They will try and follow suite. But not everyone in this vast country has to. Because of the simple reason: it’s a VAST country. People can escape and be free. People can reject that poison of consumerism, materialism, possession. They can control their own lives instead of society controlling it for them, if they so choose. Freedom on whatever level a person wants, can be experienced. A taste of this can only tease you and make you beg for more. And when that happens and you know you can have that else where, then you can be sure it’s time to blossom, to branch out, to go to higher grounds.

Having this view of Australia, not only supports but maybe sums up my reasons for feeling blessed by these perfect 9 months. So, as I’m signing off, the tale here is done for now. The world awaits my presence as there are still many more lessons to be learnt, experiences to be lived and fairytales to be written.

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