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Monday, April 5, 2010

Reward of patience - 1

The date arrived. April 1st. My deadline. This I had set, 2 weeks ago, and it was the date by which I wanted and needed more clarity regarding work opportunities in India, mainly for financial reasons. I told myself if I don’t have any job prospects by April 1st then I’d have to start looking abroad, for a teaching job.

Sure enough, the date arrived, so suddenly, With that, the pressure wasn’t increasing. I chose to switch-off to the frustration. I still had options, either way. And last Thursday, which was April 1st (!!!) what I had been hoping for, actually was confirmed.

For weeks I’ve had this particular dream I was trying to make a reality. I never mentioned it to anybody, other than Jayanthi. I was trying and hoping to make this happen, this one-off chance that I wanted so badly. It’s something that doesn’t come along everyday and so I never expected it to actually materialize.

I heard about the position this company offers and the potential it has, from Doris during the Tesol-course, 5 or 6 weeks ago. I looked into it, I sent my resume, I made numerous phone-calls, but all my efforts went unnoticed. I persisted though. It was more for my peace of mind. I wanted to be certain that this particular company either did or didn’t have an opening for me at this point in time, before taking on any other English teaching position. 2 weeks ago, things started to happen, ever so slowly. My calls were returned, I met up with another employee, but still there was uncertainty of a job-prospect being opened-up to me. So I was keeping my ear to the ground for other teaching jobs and not saying a word to anybody else. I persisted, I waited patiently to hear if anything would come my way.

On the 1st of April I met the man in question! He goes by the name of Nandan. I couldn’t believe my luck, He had actually contacted me and was randomly coming to Chennai and wanted to meet me! Yes! So on Thursday we met, we had lunch, we chatted, he talked “business” and after we hung out very casually, he asked me if I’d decided what I wanted. The position was mine, I could take a trial for 2 or 3 weeks and start whenever I wanted! This was way too easy! This was all too good to be true.. There had to be something fishy going on here. But there wasn’t. I was just the luckiest person ever. Because what I had so patiently waited for, but so eagerly had pursued, was being presented to me on a silver platter. It was mine for the taking. I was so shocked and overwhelmed so suddenly that I couldn’t imagine taking any other direction in my life right now, other than this. I had forgotten about all the other options. This was my chance!


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